Monday, September 7, 2015

L'Occitane Aromachologie Rebalancing Collection Review

Last month, L'Occitane introduced a new Body Care Reblancing Ritual as part of their Aromachology range. With back to school and many people starting new jobs, the beginning of September can be a stressful time. This range combines five purifying essential oils to provide a feeling of inner harmony and rebalance.

There are five items in this range and I received the Rebalancing Infusions for Bath and the Exfolianting Shower Gel.

There was a pamphlet that I received showing the results of the scientific study they did to prove the rebalancing effect. In essence, the volunteers are subject to stress, and then they are split between a control room (no scent) or the test room (with Rebalancing Aromachology). 

The three measurements were based on cardiac activity, prosody, and skin temperature. With the results, I found the skin temperature to be the most interesting as the control group facial temperature did not decrease at all, while the test group facial temperature decreased by one degree.

I gave this a try before Vancouver went on the water ban. Although baths are not banned, I felt guilty of filling up a tub of water while the city tried to save water. The packaging is very luxurious with woven strings and a silky bag. This infusion contains citrus peel and revitalizing salt and gave the water a slightly murky and slippery feel. The smell was very relaxing and I really enjoyed this. 

You are suppose to hang this satchet from the tab using the strings, however that did not work for my tub at all. I ended up just letting the satchet float where ever within the bath tub. I would probably only use this on an occasional basis due to the price and how time consuming a bath is.

This on the other hand is something I'v been using quite frequently. The exfoliating shower gel is packed with little exfoliants made of olive and lemon bits. The smell is very herbally but very soothing. I remember using this after loosing a volleyball game and it definitely helped calm my mood. The exfoliant is a good level of grit that scrubs away dead skin without hurting your skin. It was pleasing to use and would be a wonderful night time shower gel.

Other items in the range include:
 Massage Cream $40
Purifying Mask for Face $32
Purifying Black Soap $24

What do you do to destress? Do you believe in aromatherapy?

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