Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Irresistible Me - Royal Remy Hair Extensions in Natural Black

Have you wanted to achieve longer, fuller hair? It might be difficult trying to grow it out and maybe you only want long hair for special events. That's where clip in hair extensions come in handy. Recently, I got an opportunity to try out the Irresistible Me Royal Remy in Natural Black, so read on to see photos and read my thoughts!

My previous experiences with clip in extensions are these four short bright pink strips that I can add into my hair for a pop of color. Most people can't tell that they are extensions at all and think I've just gone super adventurous. So I was super excited to see what these full length hair extensions can do for me.

Irresistible Me is an online boutique that specializes in hair extensions and hair tools. The extensions I received were the Royal Remy which is their deluxe line. The price ranges from $129(14 inches) to $319 (24 inches) with lots of options in between. They also have a less expensive option called the Silky Touch line which ranges between $79(14 inches) to $219 (24 inches). Both of these uses 100% Remy hair. The exact one I got was 22 inches in Natural Black ($299)

What is Remy Hair?

Quick sidetrack here as I always hear this term but never knew what it means. Basically, it's a way of saying this is a high quality hair extensions and these types will look very natural and also last for a long time even if you wash, style, curl etc. The reason is because non-remy hair will undergo a chemical treatment that strips the hair cuticle because it was not originally all in one direction (ex. collected from a hair brush). But the chemical treatment can make the hair brittle and dry after use.

So this is what I received in the box. Shipping took 6 days which was fine. You can see there's a strand on the right by itself, this is quite neat as they allow you to try it out for the length and color. If you do not like it, you can return it as long as you didn't open up the left portion. There are 10 pieces of extensions in total varying in width so you can choose the size that you'd like. They have a super helpful Youtube channel.

So let's check out my transformation! I actually had three pieces that I couldn't fit in on to my head, so the difference can be even greater!

I absolutely LOVE how natural this set looks. Even after putting in the extensions myself, I can't tell by looking in the mirror where it starts. The hair also FEELS very natural and I can not feel a difference between my own hair and the hair extensions.

Of course, this is a big investment. It's not really the type of product you'll look at and be like hm yes I want to buy it today. But, if you've been thinking about getting hair extensions for a while, these are fantastic quality.

Since I've only had them for a month, I can't quite talk about durability yet. However, quality so far seems high and the blendability of these extensions is just amazing!

These are the pieces I didn't wear when taking the photo.

If you are interested in purchasing, they have 20% off and free shipping for over $150.

Do you own any hair extensions? What's the craziest hair style you've had?

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