Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Amoda Tea Box- November 2015 Ft. Blend Bee

For all you tea lovers, there's a subscription box for you! I was recently discovered Amoda Tea and received their monthly box which contains four curated tea.

Cost: $18 a month includes free shipping
Inside each Box: 4 teas, steeping guide, and tea filters

The November box features teas from Blend Bee which is a brand that allows you to make your own tea! All of the ingredients are organic so you can be sure the tea you are drinking is good for you.

Spring Clean- This blend was very earthy and therapeutic smelling and tasting. From first taste it reminded me a lot of the Purgo Teatox night time tea. After reading the description I realized it's to aid in digestion and bloating which was the same objectives as the Purgo tea so the similar taste makes sense! This would not be my pick for casual tea drinking but I can see the health benefits.

Oolong Gone- It brews pink due to the hibiscus. It smells so good dry as the sweet orange extract is clearly identifiable. When brewed, the tea had an unexpected earthy smell but the taste is quite sweet and sour. It's not my favorite but an interesting combination.

Lime Green with Envy- Out of the bag, it smells like a Key Lime pie! When brewed, it was a medium strength green tea with a bit of sourness due to the lime.

Sugar & Spice- This is my favorite of the bunch! There's also orange extract in this and it smells like an orange chocolate. When brewed, it's hot and steamy and is just perfect for a cold day. The black tea flavor is there as well as orange and spice (not spicy).

After you've sampled the teas, Amoda Tea also has an online shop which allows you to buy more of which ever tea you fell in love with. The teas averages $3.50 for 10g or $11 for 50g which is slightly more expensive than other stores. For example David's Tea averages $8 for 50g but the smallest quantity you can buy online is 50g. If you are interested in sampling many different flavors, Amoda Tea is great, however you do have to pay a premium.

Unfortunately for November, the only tea I enjoyed was Sugar & Spice. But I'd be interested in trying out new flavors and discovering more tea makers!

Where do you usually buy loose leaf tea? Does a monthly subscription box of tea interest you?

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