Tuesday, December 1, 2015

New Products from #LUSHCHRISTMAS

Every year around Holiday season, LUSH becomes the talk of town with their fun and seasonal releases. The cold weather is perfect for hot steaming baths, and LUSH has some of the most interesting bath products around. About a month ago, I was invited to attend their holiday party in Vancouver and I had so much fun.

Lots of Vancouver bloggers at the event.

A wall filled with pre-wrapped gifts. These are awesome for last minute gifts.

We watched a demonstration of how a Fresh Face Mask is made. The ingredients they use are unreal!
We also got to make our own bath bomb and I shared my experience using it in my previous post.

I received some goodies from their holiday 2015 releases so read on!

Yog Nog Soap: Made with soy yogurt and a dash of festive spice, this soap is vegan and smells so warming. I haven't tried this yet but can't wait.

Old Father Time Soap: I shared a photo of this soap wheel on Instagram and it's such an intricate design both in and out. It smells so interesting, both earthy (sage and thyme) as well as fruity (red currants). I don't like how there's so much coloring in the soap though as it rinses out blue and orange.

Intergalatic Bath Bomb: This is a fun bath bomb that will color your bath waters blue and leave a gorgeous shimmer throughout as if you are in space. It was a bit of extra work to clean up the tub but overall very fun.

Snowman Shower Jelly: This is probably my favorite product out of everything! It smells so fruity and amazing and the fact that it's shaped like a snowman makes it a gazillion times better.

Snowman Fun: I'm actually not too sure what Fun this is. It looks similar to the coloring of the snowman but there was no tag. These are suppose to be like play doh but after you are done playing with it, you can also use it as soap to clean yourself.

Don't Look at Me Fresh Face Mask: This mask has lots of lemon juice to help brighten the skin. I like to apply this at night and in the morning my skin feels so smooth.

Cranberry Fresh Face Mask: This festive face mask has cranberries and silken tofu. I've only used it once and didn't notice too much difference.

Salted Coconut Hand Scrub: Another favorite of mine. I'm not even that into coconut but this scent just brings me to tropical places and the scrub feels pampering to my hands.

Santa Baby Lip Tint: This is suppose to be a tinted lip balm but boy is it pigmented. You can definitely use this for a holiday red lip. 

So there you go, that's the round up of the products I received from the holiday party! My favorites are the Snowman Jelly, Don't Look at Me Mask, and the Salted Coconut scrub. What caught your eye?

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