Sunday, February 7, 2016

KISS Nail Polish Pop Stickers


For someone that's not very good at nail art, I need alternatives to making my nails look great. Kiss released a line of Polish Pops which includes full nail covers as well as decorative stickers that will complete your manicure. They come in a variety of colors and themes and retails for $4.97.

In each set, there are 8 full nail covers in 4 different sizes. All the designs are different and are meant as an accent to your manicure. There will also be many smaller stickers that's meant to be stuck onto a fully painted nail. I find that the nail covers stayed on for about two days while the smaller stickers stayed on for 7+ days.

You can also easily cut the stickers into the length you want it to be. For example, I only wanted a portion of the line so I just cut through the sticker and the cardboard for the amount I need.

I chose to use the aztec themed one to create a nail look and I absolutely love it! I only used three polishes, a black on my index, a baby pink on my middle finger and a gold in my pinky. I feel like one set of Polish Pop can complete at least two full manicures if you are using it more as an accent item. The stickers are relatively flat and it looks so natural! I definitely want to pick more up especially when I have more time in the summer to do fun nail art!

What do you think of my design? Have you given nail stickers a try before?

Available at Walmart in Canada

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