Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lioele Water Drop BB Cream Review

The last foundation I will be reviewing this month is of the Lioele Water Drop BB cream. I picked this up in Hong Kong when I was there on exchange so it's one of my older foundations. I've been loving doing my review series as it's motivated me dig through my collection and review items I've always wanted to but never got a chance.

Name: Lioele Water Drop BB Cream (SPF27)
Shade: 1 Shade
Price: $13-18 from online retailers
Size: 50g
Available at Colormix/Sasa in Hong Kong and online retailers in Canada

What Lioele says: "It is an exclusive moisturizing BB cream which makes your skin moist since it contains waterdrop. It naturally covers the skin blemishes to create clean skin tone and keeps the skin soft for a long time without glossiness."

Shade: The first thing to point out is that this product only comes in one shade! This is common for Asian cosmetics as most people are a similar (or want to be this) skin tone. Unfortunately this factor would limit this BB cream to only a certain group of ladies here in North America. The color is a nice neutral beige that is darker than most other Asian BB creams and a great match for my winter skin. (~NC15-20)

Formula: The formula of this is VERY interesting! It uses a Water Capture System and releases moisture drops. You'll see in the swatch photo below that the product seems to generate water droplets before blending perfectly together again. The result is a very refreshing and cooling feeling on the skin. It is a medium liquid consistency. 

Coverage: I usually apply this with a sponge or a buffing brush but your fingers will work totally fine. The coverage you'll get from this is very light. If you have any imperfections it will likely only help make things look smoother but will not have the pigmentation to cover it up. With that said, I really love it for everyday use as it looks so natural and feels great while giving me a sheer layer of coverage.

Finish: The product will leave a satiny finish. The product is very hydrating which is perfect for my dry skin. It holds up pretty good but since the coverage is fairly sheer, it's hard to determine when it starts to fade.

You can kind of see the water droplets forming.

I feel like the product really blends into my own skin color very nicely. I think since the coverage is so sheer, the product can be used across a larger skin spectrum. 

Here is the before and after. I feel like it really helps to make my skin look smoother while keeping things natural.

Overall, I think this would be great for dry skin and those looking for light coverage. It's a fantastic every day product that adds natural coverage and smooths out the skin. Additionally it already has SPF so that helps to keep your skin protected from the sun. If you have more oily skin or are looking for more coverage, unfortunately this is probably not for you.

Well that's it for my foundation reviews! Tell me about your favorite foundations! Also, look out next month for reviews of four blush products!

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