Sunday, February 21, 2016

The North Face Ballard Lace Boots Review + OOTD

With the amount of rain in Vancouver, having a pair of winter/rain boots is essential in every girl's wardrobe. I've previously relied on my Tretorns and Uggs but when I visited Sportchek recently, I was really enticed by the new styles of winter boots available!

The pair I decided on was The North Face Ballard Lace boots. These retail for $179.99 but I got mine on sale for $129.99. These boots are meant for all day outdoor wear and features a burnish finish with a colorful wrap around lace. The boots fit just above my ankle and the opening is big enough to tuck in jeans, pants etc. 

Style: First off, I love the style of these shoes! I did NOT believe that these could be waterproof and I'm sure I asked the salesperson at least five times. I found the other winter boots were immediately identifiable as winter boots whereas this one can pass for a casual day boot too! 

The upper is made of leather that's PU coated so it can better stand the elements (I still spray mine with protectant though).  The soles are made of rubber and helps prevent slipping. You also get a set of beige laces if you don't want the contrasting blue.

Fit: These boots are very lightweight and comfortable! It's more around the weight of a pair of Uggs versus the weight of Timberlands. The inside is quilted so it is nice and soft. I wanted to get a 6 which is my normal flats size but they were out so I sized up to 6.5. I usually have to wear thicker socks but that's okay as it's for the winter time anyways. These fit true to size. 

Function: In terms of waterproofing, I've worn these in the rain multiple times and have never had wet feet! With that said, I also did not have to walk through any deep puddles that would require submerging my feet. I do get a bit concerned with how well the waterproofing will hold up as the leather will change color when it's wet. But so far it has not let me down.

Outfit Ideas: I love wearing thick socks and letting the edge of it peek through. For a casual look, I wear it with jeans and a parka! It also works really well if you are commuting to work and you have a dress/nylons.

I've only had mine for two months now so I can't quite comment on how long they will last. So far so good though! The best part is that they are stylish enough to wear with any outfit AND you'll be comfortable at the same time.

If you are looking for a pair of winter boots but are wanting to stray from the typical Uggs/Hunters/Tretorns, give these a try!

What's your most "functional" pair of boots?

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