Sunday, February 14, 2016

Tiffany & Co Infinity Narrow Band Ring

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you are enjoying the day with your significant other, friends or family. Today, I will be sharing a piece of new jewelry with you guys: Tiffany & Co Infinity Narrow Band ring.

Tiffany's jewelry is expensive and a little bit over priced. But the feeling and special memories associated with that little blue box is well worth the money-sometimes. If you are interested in seeing what my first ever Tiffany's piece was, check out this previous blog post.

So last year, I lost one of my rings that my boyfriend bought me from Tiffanys and he generously offered to buy me a new one! :O

I spent a while looking at which style I want and almost wanted to get the same one again as that was my favorite style! But I figured if I one day find it, I don't want two of the same ring. If your budget is under $300, you'll want to stick to sterling silver rings.

The ring I ended up choosing is the Tiffany Infinity Narrow Band Ring. I liked the idea of infinties linked together. I like that the ring is dainty and the design is unique. I love the design and it'd be really good for stacking as well. Also, Tiffany's recently changed their policy that you can bring in your silver jewelry to be cleaned free of charge!

I experimented with stacking my other silver ring. It's not the best but I actually don't own that many rings as I tend to wear the same pieces of jewelry day after day. I can imagine this to be really cute with other silver bands and even midi rings.

Do you own any items from Tiffany's? Or what's your favorite place to get jewelry?

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