Thursday, March 31, 2016

Revlon 5 in 1 Mascara Collection!

The drugstore is full of amazing mascara options and Revlon just released a whole new collection. They are pulling a very bold move and will be replacing all of their current mascaras with only these five! The five mascaras focus on different looks such as definition, length, volume, and a mascara that's all in one! 

Each of the mascaras come in a sleek black tube with a different colored cap. The black portion is made of a velvety rubber material that is similar to NARS packaging. The packaging is very sleek although not as eye catching as some others you might see in the market. I did not experience any flaking or smudging with any of these. Depending on the brush shape and the formula, you can achieve different results. Usually I like natural bristles with a slightly wetter formula and a soft non-crunchy feel. I've had a chance to try them all now, so read on to see how they performed.

Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara: This mascara has the Revlon Lash Plumping brush which has triple grooves designed to hold formula for maximum volume. This has all the qualities I look for in a mascara: it has natural bristles with a slightly wetter formula and my favorite part is that it leaves your lashes soft! I don't get the crunchy feel when applying this and feel like I can layer easily. There is decent volume as well as length and separation. This is my second favorite out of the five!

Revlon Ultimate All-In-One Mascara: This mascara has the weirdest wand I've ever seen but it really performs! The Revlon Power Mini Brush has a unique mini oval shape for easy application and a hollow core designed to deposit formula for mega lash impact. I don't understand how the hollow core helps but this is really good for building dramatic lashes. This has a wetter formula and I love that I can easily use it for top and bottom lashes. This is my favorite out of the bunch!

EDIT: After using this for about a month, I found that it flakes a lot! Unfortunately this is a big pet peeve of mine and can't say this one is my favorite anymore.

Revlon Super Length Mascara: The brush on this mascara is large with very densely packed bristles. You can also see lots of long fibers extending from the bristles. The mascara has the Revlon Lash Stretch Brush which has long bristles designed to deliver plush design. This mascara gave me okay volume and length but I found the formula to be drying and crunchy so it's not as comfortable to wear. This is my least favorite one.

Revlon Volume + Length Mascara: This is the first one I opened and I found it pretty average. The brush has tons of natural bristles that would help grab lashes and add volume. However, I found the finish was too natural and the formula was too dry for my liking. 

Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara: If you like to define and separate your natural lashes, this is for you. The Revlon Lash Separator brush has tiered bristles for defining and separating every lash. The wand on this is actually bendy and the rubberized bristles really get into the lash. The formula is wetter than average. I found this mascara wore off nicely. It never flaked or smudged but it somehow wore off throughout the day so that when I was taking off my makeup, there wasn't much mascara to take off. 

If you didn't read through all of that here's my ranking on how I liked it:
5. Super Length (green- large dense natural bristle with fiber, dry)
4. Volume + Length (blue- standard natural bristle with fiber, normal)
3. Dramatic Definition (purple- sparse rubber bristle, wet)
2. Ultra Volume (pink- standard natural bristle, normal)
1. Ultimate All-In-One (red- mini rubber bristle, wet)

Left side of photo: Pink, Right side of photo: Green
It looks very similar in pictures but it was the application and feel on the lashes that set these apart.

Revlon did a fantastic job combining and playing with variations of  bristles, formulas, and fibers. It'll be so nice to have a concise collection of mascaras as there's definitely over crowding of mascaras in the drugstore market. I don't really believe that mascaras can give just length or just volume. I like to look at it in a whole package. I really enjoyed three of the five and I would definitely recommend you to try one based on your personal preferences!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Pan that Palette 2016: Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made Palette

Last year, I started doing the Pan that Palette challenge on my Too Faced Romantic Eye palette. It was so fun trying to see how long it would take to hit pan on an eyeshadow especially because I've had that palette for so long.

This year, I decided to do Pan that Palette on one of my newest purchases: the Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made Palette.

I picked this up in November 2015 and although at first glance the shades look all over the place, it gives me so many options for different eye looks. I knew I'd be able to use this palette all year in 2016 and not be bored of it. So read on for a mini review, swatches, and then how I've been using it in my Pan that Palette!

This palette retailed for $46CAD and includes 14 shades (.72g each) in a range of matte to shimmer to metallic. What first drew me in was the range of shades! I have enough neutrals already and I loved that there's such a variety of shades in the palette while still being wearable.

All of the shades are pigmented and very easy to work with! The shimmery shades are very soft while the two matte shades (Buttery & Hot Chocolate) are more hard packed. Some people wish there were more matte shades, but I'm personally a shimmery eyeshadow girl, so I love the choices in here!

The palette is in a slim cardboard box. The outside of the packaging has a ribbed texture and there's a "metal" plaque in the center front. The packaging is simple and elegant. Nothing too cutesy but still pleasing on the eyes.

Another huge win in this palette is the brush that it came with. There are two sides to this. The flat end side is good for packing on color but it's the blending side that I really love! I keep this side clean from any colors and use it all the time to blend out my looks. 

Let's get on to look at the shades:

Top Row

Pink Champagne: This gives off the look of liquid rose gold. For some reason, mine seems to be a bit flakey but all the swatches I've seen online looks much more pigmented.

Metallic Plum: A shimmery dark plum. Great for lining the eyes or in the crease. It helps to bring out the purple in any eye look. 

Self-Made: Shimmery golden shade. I love these mid tone shades for all over the lid. 

Witchy: A greyish silver. I'm never one to wear cool shades but this has changed my mind! 

Blush: Silver upon first look but it has a pink duo chrome finish. This is one of my favorite shades in the palette as it's so unique! It's easy to wear all over the lid too. 

Blossom: A light lilac pink with a shimmery finish. Another perfect all over the lid shade. I'm excited to wear this in the spring!

Buttery: A matte beige with yellow undertone. This doesn't really show up on my eyes but I use it for blending. 

Bottom Row

Deep Purple: A bright shimmery purple. This would be gorgeous as a liner.

Treasure: An ultra shimmery champagne. This does wonders to open up the eyes. And great for inner corner to add an extra touch.

Hot & Cold: A shimmery copper. Another mid tone shade that I can't wait to wear all over the lid in the fall.

Sherbert: A peachy pink shade with the slightest bit of shimmer. This one has an interesting finish. It looks like it's matte in the pan but there's definitely a bit of satin when worn.

Isla: A bright sea foam green with a glimmer of gold duochrome. This would be so pretty for summer eye looks.

Spirit Rock: A dark black with purple sparkle. You can see the sparkle in the pan and in swatches but not when it's worn.

Hot Chocolate: Deep matte cocoa brown. There's nothing too unique about this shade but it's an essential for defining the crease.

Pan that Palette Update #1

After about 3 months of use, this is where I'm at now! I hit pan on Blush! For the first month or so I was using Blush every day and sometimes would use Witchy to define the crease.

In February, I switched over to using Treasure all over the lid and then a black liquid liner to go for more of a Korean eye look. I would use Hot Chocolate or Metallic Plum to line the bottom lashes. I'm hoping to hit pan on Treasure very soon!

For April, I think I want to go for a sun-kissed look with shimmery bronzers and golden lids. I'll probably use Self-Made all over the lid with either Witchy or Hot Chocolate to define.

Here are the two eye looks I was talking about above. The top row is Blush + Witchy and the bottom row is Treasure + Metallic Plum on lower lash line. I know these are not the most exciting combinations but it's winter time and I was looking for some frosty looks. Also, my camera was not able to pick up the beautiful duo chrome that Blush gives off!

I'll be creating more colorful looks soon so stay tuned! Have you every tried a Pan that Palette challenge before? Or what's your current favorite eyeshadow palette?

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tresemme Beauty-Full Volume Collection - Reverse Wash System

Recently, TRESemme released a brand new collection featuring the game changing reverse wash technique! The beauty-full volume collection contains 5 products to achieve soft, touchable, voluminous hair.

I actually remember trying the reverse washing idea many years ago after reading it in a magazine. There wasn't any products made for it though so I'm really excited that TRESemme came out with products specifically made for this technique.

Step 1: Pre-Wash Conditioner: You start off your hair washing by conditioning your hair. The product binds to the cuticle to protect hair during washing and leaves it smooth and polished. It's a weird feeling at first but I do enjoy how my hair is not so tangled by the time I start to shampoo. Usually my hair will be in knots and difficult to wash, but by using the conditioner first, my hair is detangled and smooth before shampooing.

The consistency of the conditioner is more liquidy than others. However, after leaving it in my hair for a minute, the ends became very soft! There is a light scent reminding me of the salon.

Step 2: Shampoo: The shampoo is suppose to wash out the dirt, oil as well as the conditioner so then there's nothing weighing your hair down. The shampoo is formulated with Fleximax Volumizers which helps control static and infuses your hair with volume. This shampoo lathered up so much!! I had a lot of fun with the amount of foam it created. The shampoo didn't leave my hair squeaky clean which is perfect since there is no conditioner after to smooth it out. Also, the scent of green apples in this shampoo was just amazing.

If you use this system consistently, I'd recommend switching it up with a more clarifying shampoo to avoid build up of product. Since the shampoo is not so heavy duty, I do think another shampoo is necessary to break up the routine.

Step 3: Maximizer: Once you are done with your shower, you can put in the Hair Maximizer for additional volume and bounce. I don't know how much of a difference this makes but I really enjoy putting it through my hair to detangle and smooth the strands. I've been in the routine of putting some type of cream in my hair and using this is the perfect way to detangle after I get out of the shower.

Overall I enjoyed the entire system as it left my hair feeling soft and weightless. I did not notice any volume increase per say, but I have very thick hair already so it's not a main concern. The reverse wash idea is really great if you want to keep your hair fresher for a longer number of days. Since you are washing out the conditioner, there will be less build up in your hair. The products were also hydrating so it definitely smoothed out my hair and left it soft and manageable.

In addition to the shampoo, conditioner and maximizer, there is a mouse and a hairspray to round out the collection. Have you tried reverse washing before? What's the number 1 thing you look for in your hair care routine?

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Scarlet & Julia: New Online Beauty Shopping Destination

For Canadian beauty lovers, online shopping for makeup usually ends when we realize the crazy shipping charges slapped onto our order. How I wish I could order from websites from Hautelook and Ulta. But while the CAD recovers, there's a new option that you should definitely check out if you are in need of some retail therapy: Scarlet & Julia.

I was contacted by the Scarlet & Julia team a couple of months ago but was so indecisive on what products to pick for $50 as there were so many great options. I ended up choosing the Stila Brow Pencil and the Jean Pierre Desiree Hair Brush.

Product Selection
Scarlet & Julia has a full range of products in stock and is sorted by: Makeup, hair, skincare, fragrance and body. There are many brands that I've heard of but have not had a chance to explore. There are also some more familiar brands that are sold at Sephora and Shoppers. The brands are typically priced between drugstore and high end.

Brands include:
-Anna Sui
-Dr. Haushka
-Lipstick Queen
-Nuxe Paris

Jean-Pierre Desiree Boar Brush ($36)- I went for this hair brush as I've heard tons of good things about using Boar hair and I have too much makeup anyways. The bristles are very strong but gentle at the same time. It seriously makes my hair VERY soft and smooth when I brush through although I don't know about long term benefits yet.

Stila Stay all Day Precision Brow Pencil ($27)- I've never used a pencil brow product before as I've always used powders. This one is double ended with a spoolie and I like that it's auto twist up so I don't have to sharpen it. At first I thought the pigmentation is lacking, but now I appreciate that the product isn't too creamy or pigmented.

Loyalty Points
When you shop on Scarlet and Julia, you can earn S&J credits which can be used for your next purchase! You get 5% of your purchase price back in S&J credits and you can choose how much or how little of it to use during check out. You can get 100 points for signing up, 10 points for every $1 spent, and 500 points when you invite a friend.

Additionally, 1% of sales is donated to Look Good Feel Better, an organization that supports women battling cancer.

Shipping & Service

I made my order on January 27th and received my items on February 8th. It's definitely not the fastest shipping but as I wasn't in a hurry, the timing was fine for me! You can get free delivery and samples on purchases of $75 or more. If your purchase is less than that, there is a $9.95 shipping charge. 

They provide a tracking number which was handy as you can view the status of your package on Canada Post's website.

Beauty Outlet

The other really cool thing about Scarlet & Julia is their Beauty Outlet. It's similar to Hautelook in which certain products go on sale for a limited time. You can often find items 50-70% off it's original price!

Where do you do your online beauty shopping? Did you find anything from Scarlet & Julia that caught your eye?

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Too Faced Love Flush Blush Palette Review and Demo

I remember seeing this palette around the holiday season and somehow talked myself out of it. It is a limited edition release and I'd highly recommend you get your hands on it!

Name: Too Faced Love Flush Blush Palette
Shade: 6 Shade in the Palette
Price: $45CAD
Size: 6x2g
Available at Sephora and Too Faced online.

What Too Faced says: " Blush all day and night with the flush of true love! The long-wear, fade-proof, smudge-proof formula keeps your cheeks perfectly flushed for up to 16 hours. Six high-impact shades give a pretty pop of color for any skin tone—all in one adorable mirrored palette"

Packaging: If you know Too Faced, you know they come out with adorable packaging! Their latest blush releases have all been in the shape of hearts: Sweethearts, Soulmates, and now the Love Flush blushes. This product contains all 6 shades of the Love Flush collection and is housed in a long thin cardboard palette. Each of the shades also has "TF" engraved into the product. I like the addition of the mirror as well. Although the packaging is long, it is still very thin and not bulky at all. This would also be great to take on a longer trip as it has all the options you'd need for different shades of blush!

Formulation: Each of the shade is soft, smooth and pigmented! They all swatch true to color although looking a bit similar on the cheeks. All of them are blendable. Three of the shades contain "sparkle" but it is quite unnoticeable on the cheeks and I find only I Will Always Love You actually gives a glow. The other three shades are a satin finish. 


Love Hangover: Described as the perfect warm pink, this shade has a tinge of orange and I'd say it's a perfect coral instead. It's an easy color to wear and reminds me of Bella Bamba from Benefit.

Baby Love: This is the shade that made me want to buy this palette. I've been on the hunt for a nude blush and this fits the bill. It's a dusty nude that has a hint of pink when applied to the skin. The blush has gold sparkle when you look at it but it disappears when on the cheeks. Great every day color!

I Will Always Love You: My surprise favorite out of the whole palette is this shade! A light orange peach with some golden glow. When I wear this, I don't need a highlighter at all and my cheeks look so beautifully healthy.

How Deep Is Your Love: This shade is a bright watermelon pink that is richly pigmented and leans towards red. I don't like this on my cheeks as much as I have naturally red cheeks but would be gorgeous if you are looking for a pigmented blush.

Justify My Love: The lightest shade in the palette, this would be great for someone with a lighter skin tone. It is a cool pink that would give a pretty winter glow. But it's a bit too ashy on my skin.

Your Love is King: I also love plummy shades to wear as blushes so this is one of my favorites as well. It's a medium toned plum that would work well to define the cheeks at the same time if you apply it slightly below your cheekbones. 

Colors swatched from left to right.

Although the shades don't wear 16 hours as it claims, it does stay relatively well on my cheeks. The biggest drawing point of this product is the value and the diverse range of shades! You get 12g of product in total for $45. Also if you are just starting out with blushes, you'll get to play with such a wide range of colors to figure out what's good on your skin tone. And if you are a beauty junkie like some of us bloggers, this would be a great travel palette to bring all the shades with you.

I Will Always Love You

How Deep is Your Love

Overall, the quality is great and the price is amazing. I would highly highly recommend you to pick this up if you are interested in trying out new colors on your cheeks! 

What are your favorite colors to wear as blush?

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Four Summer Concerts not to miss in Vancouver!

It's almost summer time, and that means concerts and music festivals are coming your way! If you weren't so lucky to get Justin Bieber tickets for Friday's concert, check out this list for other exciting concerts coming up in the next few months!

Ellie Goulding- Delirium World Tour
Date: April 1, 2016
Place: Rogers Arena
Tickets: $32-62 on Ticketmaster
Facebook event- Ellie Goulding

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Clinque Cheek Pop in Fig Pop- Review and Demo

Up next in my blush review series is the Clinique Cheek Pop in Fig Pop. These came out a couple of years ago and were all the rage! I just picked it up a couple of months ago and have really been enjoying it. Read on to see swatches and review.

Name: Clinique Cheek Pop in Fig Pop
Shade: 12 Shades
Price: $28CAD
Size: 5g
Available at Sephora and Clinique online.

What Clinique says: " Vibrant yet natural-looking cheek colour that looks virtually powderless. In a silky smooth, stay-true formula with shades for every skin tone. That just-pinched look, simply effortless."

Packaging: Each of the cheek pops come in a round clear plastic packaging with no extra frills added. The packaging is very typical of Clinique products- clean and simple. I like that it's so small and compact but there is no mirror which can be a downer for some. The powder is imprinted in the shape of a flower and it's so cute!

Color: Fig pop is a deeper orange with a brown undertone. The color range of the cheek pops is really great ranging from light pink to deep neutrals. There is no shimmer in this shade but it is more of a satin and gives a luminous finish.

Formulation: The powder is hard to the touch but very smooth. There is no grittiness at all and the color blends beautifully. The color is also nicely pigmented unlike my the Kat Von D blush. I would usually use a fluffier brush or a lighter hand and build up the color if I want to.

Last Power: I find the color lasts about 6 hours on me which is not super long. But I touch my face a lot so things wear off pretty quickly.

It is so incredibly difficult to get a good photo showing the blush in action! I usually place this slightly under my cheekbones to get contour and color in all in one go. This color is really flattering on me. If you have redness on your cheeks like me, stay away from pinks and reds and you'll find blushes much more flattering.

The price of this blush is also very reasonable compared to other high end brands. Since the powder is packed in so tightly there's not a lot of fall out which means this will probably last you a long time!

Overall, I'm a big fan of this blush! The pigmentation and color are great for my skin. The quality is there and so is the value! Have you tried any of the cheek pops? What's your favorite shade?

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Joe Fresh Beauty now Available at Shoppers Drug Mart! Swatches + Review

Who's excited?! Joe Fresh Beauty is now available at Shoppers Drug Mart! Although Joe Fresh has been selling makeup for quite a few years now, it has been harder to access as it's usually inside Canadian Real Superstores. Now you can find Joe Fresh Beauty at Shoppers and also take advantage of all the Shoppers Optimum offers.

Joe Fresh Beauty will feature core and seasonal cosmetics and the price ranges from $8-$18.

I was sent a couple of items from the collection and I will share my first impressions below!

Long Wear Lip Veil in Hydrangea $12
Available in 8 shades
A light-weight liquid lipstick, that offers a sheer veil of colour with a natural finish.

This is one of my favorite items out of the bunch. This is a hybrid between a lipgloss and a lipstick. It has a liquidy formula but more of a satin finish. There is a light scent that reminds me of crème brulee. Hydrangea is an amazing MLBB color. It's a gorgeous rose nude with golden sheen. It's comfortable to wear and not sticky. I wouldn't' say it's long wearing though as I found it to wear off in about 2 hours.

Highlight Powder in Champagne $8
Available in 2 shades
Shimmering, pearl powder that creates a flawless glow

I realized most of the highlighters I own are in cream or liquid format. Having a powder highlight is really convenient as its easier to brush on and go. The color is a an opal cream with silver undertone. The powder is smooth and creates a pretty highlight. I feel like there is a bit of visible glitter when you look up close but it looks great in pictures.

Matte Liquid Eyeliner $12
Highly pigmented formula dries matte, for intense definition

I didn't enjoy this product as much as the others. The eyeliner did dry down matte but I didn't notice the pigmentation being any more intense than my other eyeliners. Also the brush makes it difficult to draw a precise tip as it has a flat end. And although it stayed on all day, when I rubbed it with my fingers, the eyeliner smudged so easily.

Lash Focus Extending Mascara $10
Soft, creamy formula with cone shaped brush for fanned out lashes.

Let's end with a winner. I was super impressed by this mascara. The wand was huge and I have no idea how it fit in the tube. But I feel like the size of the cone actually helps to fan and lengthen my lashes while the tip gets the corners. It lasts all day with no flaking and smudging!

The other items in the collection include:
-Precision Liquid Eyeliner $8
-Hydra Lash Nourishing Mascara with Argan Oil $12
-Tinted Brow Fix $12
-Lip Crème $12
Illuminating Primer $16
-Daily Boost Liquid Foundation $18
-Foundation Stick $16
-Long Wear Spot Concealer $12
-Highlighter Stick $10
-Blush Stick $10

I remember being a kid and being embarrassed at my parents buying me clothes from Superstore. Now, Joe Fresh has some of the trendiest styles with great quality to match too. The brand has really made a name for itself and I can't wait to explore more of their beauty line up. I would definitely recommend the lip veil and the lash focus mascara. I want to give the illuminating primer a try too!

Have you tried anything from the Joe Fresh Beauty line up? Which item would you most want to try?