Sunday, March 6, 2016

Joe Fresh Beauty now Available at Shoppers Drug Mart! Swatches + Review

Who's excited?! Joe Fresh Beauty is now available at Shoppers Drug Mart! Although Joe Fresh has been selling makeup for quite a few years now, it has been harder to access as it's usually inside Canadian Real Superstores. Now you can find Joe Fresh Beauty at Shoppers and also take advantage of all the Shoppers Optimum offers.

Joe Fresh Beauty will feature core and seasonal cosmetics and the price ranges from $8-$18.

I was sent a couple of items from the collection and I will share my first impressions below!

Long Wear Lip Veil in Hydrangea $12
Available in 8 shades
A light-weight liquid lipstick, that offers a sheer veil of colour with a natural finish.

This is one of my favorite items out of the bunch. This is a hybrid between a lipgloss and a lipstick. It has a liquidy formula but more of a satin finish. There is a light scent that reminds me of crème brulee. Hydrangea is an amazing MLBB color. It's a gorgeous rose nude with golden sheen. It's comfortable to wear and not sticky. I wouldn't' say it's long wearing though as I found it to wear off in about 2 hours.

Highlight Powder in Champagne $8
Available in 2 shades
Shimmering, pearl powder that creates a flawless glow

I realized most of the highlighters I own are in cream or liquid format. Having a powder highlight is really convenient as its easier to brush on and go. The color is a an opal cream with silver undertone. The powder is smooth and creates a pretty highlight. I feel like there is a bit of visible glitter when you look up close but it looks great in pictures.

Matte Liquid Eyeliner $12
Highly pigmented formula dries matte, for intense definition

I didn't enjoy this product as much as the others. The eyeliner did dry down matte but I didn't notice the pigmentation being any more intense than my other eyeliners. Also the brush makes it difficult to draw a precise tip as it has a flat end. And although it stayed on all day, when I rubbed it with my fingers, the eyeliner smudged so easily.

Lash Focus Extending Mascara $10
Soft, creamy formula with cone shaped brush for fanned out lashes.

Let's end with a winner. I was super impressed by this mascara. The wand was huge and I have no idea how it fit in the tube. But I feel like the size of the cone actually helps to fan and lengthen my lashes while the tip gets the corners. It lasts all day with no flaking and smudging!

The other items in the collection include:
-Precision Liquid Eyeliner $8
-Hydra Lash Nourishing Mascara with Argan Oil $12
-Tinted Brow Fix $12
-Lip Crème $12
Illuminating Primer $16
-Daily Boost Liquid Foundation $18
-Foundation Stick $16
-Long Wear Spot Concealer $12
-Highlighter Stick $10
-Blush Stick $10

I remember being a kid and being embarrassed at my parents buying me clothes from Superstore. Now, Joe Fresh has some of the trendiest styles with great quality to match too. The brand has really made a name for itself and I can't wait to explore more of their beauty line up. I would definitely recommend the lip veil and the lash focus mascara. I want to give the illuminating primer a try too!

Have you tried anything from the Joe Fresh Beauty line up? Which item would you most want to try?

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