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Pan that Palette 2016: Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made Palette

Last year, I started doing the Pan that Palette challenge on my Too Faced Romantic Eye palette. It was so fun trying to see how long it would take to hit pan on an eyeshadow especially because I've had that palette for so long.

This year, I decided to do Pan that Palette on one of my newest purchases: the Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made Palette.

I picked this up in November 2015 and although at first glance the shades look all over the place, it gives me so many options for different eye looks. I knew I'd be able to use this palette all year in 2016 and not be bored of it. So read on for a mini review, swatches, and then how I've been using it in my Pan that Palette!

This palette retailed for $46CAD and includes 14 shades (.72g each) in a range of matte to shimmer to metallic. What first drew me in was the range of shades! I have enough neutrals already and I loved that there's such a variety of shades in the palette while still being wearable.

All of the shades are pigmented and very easy to work with! The shimmery shades are very soft while the two matte shades (Buttery & Hot Chocolate) are more hard packed. Some people wish there were more matte shades, but I'm personally a shimmery eyeshadow girl, so I love the choices in here!

The palette is in a slim cardboard box. The outside of the packaging has a ribbed texture and there's a "metal" plaque in the center front. The packaging is simple and elegant. Nothing too cutesy but still pleasing on the eyes.

Another huge win in this palette is the brush that it came with. There are two sides to this. The flat end side is good for packing on color but it's the blending side that I really love! I keep this side clean from any colors and use it all the time to blend out my looks. 

Let's get on to look at the shades:

Top Row

Pink Champagne: This gives off the look of liquid rose gold. For some reason, mine seems to be a bit flakey but all the swatches I've seen online looks much more pigmented.

Metallic Plum: A shimmery dark plum. Great for lining the eyes or in the crease. It helps to bring out the purple in any eye look. 

Self-Made: Shimmery golden shade. I love these mid tone shades for all over the lid. 

Witchy: A greyish silver. I'm never one to wear cool shades but this has changed my mind! 

Blush: Silver upon first look but it has a pink duo chrome finish. This is one of my favorite shades in the palette as it's so unique! It's easy to wear all over the lid too. 

Blossom: A light lilac pink with a shimmery finish. Another perfect all over the lid shade. I'm excited to wear this in the spring!

Buttery: A matte beige with yellow undertone. This doesn't really show up on my eyes but I use it for blending. 

Bottom Row

Deep Purple: A bright shimmery purple. This would be gorgeous as a liner.

Treasure: An ultra shimmery champagne. This does wonders to open up the eyes. And great for inner corner to add an extra touch.

Hot & Cold: A shimmery copper. Another mid tone shade that I can't wait to wear all over the lid in the fall.

Sherbert: A peachy pink shade with the slightest bit of shimmer. This one has an interesting finish. It looks like it's matte in the pan but there's definitely a bit of satin when worn.

Isla: A bright sea foam green with a glimmer of gold duochrome. This would be so pretty for summer eye looks.

Spirit Rock: A dark black with purple sparkle. You can see the sparkle in the pan and in swatches but not when it's worn.

Hot Chocolate: Deep matte cocoa brown. There's nothing too unique about this shade but it's an essential for defining the crease.

Pan that Palette Update #1

After about 3 months of use, this is where I'm at now! I hit pan on Blush! For the first month or so I was using Blush every day and sometimes would use Witchy to define the crease.

In February, I switched over to using Treasure all over the lid and then a black liquid liner to go for more of a Korean eye look. I would use Hot Chocolate or Metallic Plum to line the bottom lashes. I'm hoping to hit pan on Treasure very soon!

For April, I think I want to go for a sun-kissed look with shimmery bronzers and golden lids. I'll probably use Self-Made all over the lid with either Witchy or Hot Chocolate to define.

Here are the two eye looks I was talking about above. The top row is Blush + Witchy and the bottom row is Treasure + Metallic Plum on lower lash line. I know these are not the most exciting combinations but it's winter time and I was looking for some frosty looks. Also, my camera was not able to pick up the beautiful duo chrome that Blush gives off!

I'll be creating more colorful looks soon so stay tuned! Have you every tried a Pan that Palette challenge before? Or what's your current favorite eyeshadow palette?

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