Thursday, March 31, 2016

Revlon 5 in 1 Mascara Collection!

The drugstore is full of amazing mascara options and Revlon just released a whole new collection. They are pulling a very bold move and will be replacing all of their current mascaras with only these five! The five mascaras focus on different looks such as definition, length, volume, and a mascara that's all in one! 

Each of the mascaras come in a sleek black tube with a different colored cap. The black portion is made of a velvety rubber material that is similar to NARS packaging. The packaging is very sleek although not as eye catching as some others you might see in the market. I did not experience any flaking or smudging with any of these. Depending on the brush shape and the formula, you can achieve different results. Usually I like natural bristles with a slightly wetter formula and a soft non-crunchy feel. I've had a chance to try them all now, so read on to see how they performed.

Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara: This mascara has the Revlon Lash Plumping brush which has triple grooves designed to hold formula for maximum volume. This has all the qualities I look for in a mascara: it has natural bristles with a slightly wetter formula and my favorite part is that it leaves your lashes soft! I don't get the crunchy feel when applying this and feel like I can layer easily. There is decent volume as well as length and separation. This is my second favorite out of the five!

Revlon Ultimate All-In-One Mascara: This mascara has the weirdest wand I've ever seen but it really performs! The Revlon Power Mini Brush has a unique mini oval shape for easy application and a hollow core designed to deposit formula for mega lash impact. I don't understand how the hollow core helps but this is really good for building dramatic lashes. This has a wetter formula and I love that I can easily use it for top and bottom lashes. This is my favorite out of the bunch!

EDIT: After using this for about a month, I found that it flakes a lot! Unfortunately this is a big pet peeve of mine and can't say this one is my favorite anymore.

Revlon Super Length Mascara: The brush on this mascara is large with very densely packed bristles. You can also see lots of long fibers extending from the bristles. The mascara has the Revlon Lash Stretch Brush which has long bristles designed to deliver plush design. This mascara gave me okay volume and length but I found the formula to be drying and crunchy so it's not as comfortable to wear. This is my least favorite one.

Revlon Volume + Length Mascara: This is the first one I opened and I found it pretty average. The brush has tons of natural bristles that would help grab lashes and add volume. However, I found the finish was too natural and the formula was too dry for my liking. 

Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara: If you like to define and separate your natural lashes, this is for you. The Revlon Lash Separator brush has tiered bristles for defining and separating every lash. The wand on this is actually bendy and the rubberized bristles really get into the lash. The formula is wetter than average. I found this mascara wore off nicely. It never flaked or smudged but it somehow wore off throughout the day so that when I was taking off my makeup, there wasn't much mascara to take off. 

If you didn't read through all of that here's my ranking on how I liked it:
5. Super Length (green- large dense natural bristle with fiber, dry)
4. Volume + Length (blue- standard natural bristle with fiber, normal)
3. Dramatic Definition (purple- sparse rubber bristle, wet)
2. Ultra Volume (pink- standard natural bristle, normal)
1. Ultimate All-In-One (red- mini rubber bristle, wet)

Left side of photo: Pink, Right side of photo: Green
It looks very similar in pictures but it was the application and feel on the lashes that set these apart.

Revlon did a fantastic job combining and playing with variations of  bristles, formulas, and fibers. It'll be so nice to have a concise collection of mascaras as there's definitely over crowding of mascaras in the drugstore market. I don't really believe that mascaras can give just length or just volume. I like to look at it in a whole package. I really enjoyed three of the five and I would definitely recommend you to try one based on your personal preferences!

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