Thursday, April 28, 2016

NYC Expert Last Lip Color Lipstick Collection Swatches & Review

Last year, I had the pleasure of being one of NYC's Beauty Pros! I was sent products from NYC each month and created a look based on a theme. Throughout the year, I received quite a few shades from the NYC Expert Last lipsticks line and I thought I'd finally round them up and review them. I applied each on my lips so this post is a bit picture heavy!


Name: NYC Expert Last Lipstick
Shade: 20 shades available
Price: $1.99
Size: 3g
Available at Target, Walmart, Shoppers.

What New York Color says: Just like a cab speeding up 5th Avenue, with New York Color’s Expert Last lipstick, your look goes from 0 to 60 in seconds. Your lips instantly show your style to the outside world and they’ll stay this way for up to 6 beautiful hours.

Packaging: Each lipstick comes in a color coordinated plastic tube and a clear cap. The lipstick doesn't fully twist down so you need to be careful not to nick it. The twist up is a bit flimsy but for the price, the packaging is relatively good.

Formula: All of the colors that I tried are pigmented and will give a full wash of color. Two of the shades applied patchy and exaggerated my lines. But all other shades were very creamy to apply and made my lips look smooth. The formula is not drying but not moisturizing either.

Pigmentation: Most of these colors were pigmented with full coverage in one swipe. There were two shades that were more sheer. See the detailed descriptions below. 


Creamy Mauve: Unfortunately we are starting off with one of my least favorite shades. The color is too light for my skin tone and was patchy in the application. 

Berry Me: Up next is one of my favorite colors in the entire collection. Look how smooth my lips look! The color is super flattering on me and is a beautiful my lips but better plus a little omph. 

Chocolate Chip: Another color I really enjoy especially during the fall/winter time is this one. It has a brown undertone that is super trendy these days and applied very creamy. I even compared this to a high end lipstick more than 10 times it's price!


Velvety Fuschia: A bold but neutral lip. This would be really great in the office when you want to wear a bold lip. I liked this but it wasn't as unique as some of the others.

Air Kiss: A lovely statement color that is just a bit more pink than the previous. I prefer this one of the two as it's just a bit louder and dramatic. The formula on this one is also just a tad smoother.

Red Suede: Reds are not my favorites to wear but I quite enjoyed this. It has a lot of orange base and would be gorgeous for a summer bronzey look. It also makes my teeth look really white! Formula was great on this shade.

Nude + Pinks

Smooth Beige: This is my least favorite color in my NYC collection. I am never one to wear a nude lip and this completely washes me out. The color also settled into my lip lines so this one was a dud.

Forever Fuschia: This is a bright Barbie pink that would look better on lighter skins. I think it looks just a little off on me but the formula on this is quite good.

Blue Rose: This shade is so unique and beautiful! There is a gorgeous blue undertone but it gives off almost a duochromatic finish. 

Overall you can't beat the price if you're looking to try out a new shade. Although it doesn't give the luxurious feeling of high end lipsticks, the pigmentation of all these are great. The formula of them are mostly smooth, creamy, and comfortable to wear. My top picks would be: Berry Me, Chocolate Chip, and Blue Rose. I'd definitely recommend this line up of lipsticks for trying out new shades at very low cost!

Have you been wanting to try out a unique shade of lipstick?

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