Tuesday, May 10, 2016

CLEAN Reserve Perfume Collection- Sueded Oud

I fell in love with Clean perfume when I picked up a rollerball trio a couple of Black Friday's ago. The scents are meant to be layered and quite simply, smell "clean". One of my favorites is White Woods which smells of vanilla and sandalwood. 

They recently released a reserve line focusing on some very special initiatives I'm excited to share! From top to bottom, the team at Clean ensured the final product is sustainable and is helping out communities in need. All of the fragrances are manufactured in a facility using 100% solar energy! The packaging material are all recyclable or compostable. The aim is to create a luxurious collection with an eco-conscious focus.

Each of the full size bottles retails for $125CAD and contains 100mL of product. It is more expensive than their original collection but not out of line with other designer perfumes. The philsophy of Clean perfume is that each scent can be worn on its own or personalized by lending with another scent.

"Blended with raw, sustainable ingredients and luxurious craftsmanship, this new CLEAN collection provides a diverse and unique fragrance experience, for existing CLEAN users and new discerning tastes. Similar to the farm to table food trend, CLEAN Reserve is a farm to bottle collection with sustainable ingredients all housed in a 100% recyclable glass bottle. "

The sustainable ingredient in this scent is "Bushman Candle" which is harvested by the Himbas tribe. The bark is sold to sell for fragrance extraction and this helps to preserve the traditional lifestyle of the tribe. 

Packaging: The perfume comes bottled in a square glass casing with a wooden cork top. It is simply sleek and "clean" (how many times can I use that word).  The label displays the scent, type, and family of scent. The cork is made of wood from certified sustainable managed forests!

Scent: There are 9 scents in total in the collection. The inspiration for each fragrance was based on an imagery versus a particular note. For Sueded Oud, the vision of the perfume inspired by our deepest instinct to explore and discover our individual destinies. This sounds pretty wishy washy but some other ones were very descriptive: For example Blonde Rose is inspired by an escape to a warm bubble bath infused with rose petals and a day dream.

Sueded Oud smells sweet and dark at the same time. It is very warm and contains quite a bit of musk. I think it can be rather unisex but I've been really enjoying it even in the summer time.

Longevity: This scent had really good staying power! I can smell the base layer even 8 hours after spraying. It is definitely a woody scent and can easily be unisex. I'm usually one to go for fruity and light scents but I really enjoyed this. It makes me feel sexy and mysterious and I'd definitely spray this on a night out!

I've never smelled oud before in another perfume so I did a bit of research and it's apparently one of the most expensive perfume ingredients in the world! The oil is derived from the tropical agar tree, but only when it is infected by a mould. The tree then reacts by producing a dense, dark and fragrant resin to protect itself and it is the resin-embedded heartwood of the tree that is the source of oud! Sounds pretty fancy! 

If you can't decide on a scent, there are a few travel sets you can test out the scents. The Discovery Layering set has nine of the scents in 1.5mL plastic tubes and retails for $29. Or the Travel Spray Set features six of the scents in 5mL glass bottles for $60.

Overall I love the aesthetics of the packaging, the eco-consciousness of the entire product and the additive scent. Make sure you give these a sniff!

The Clean Reserve collection is exclusively available at Sephora and Sephora.ca

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