Sunday, May 8, 2016

Garnier Whole Blends- Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner (Coconut Water & Vanilla Milk) Review

If you been down the hair aisle at your local super market or drugstore, you may have noticed Garnier's Whole Blends display. The rainbow colored display is quite the change from the green Garnier Fructis line and has a high end feel to these affordable hair products!

There are six different formulas in the new Garnier Whole Blends line, and each formula has its own shampoo, conditioner, and styling products.

  • Repairing Honey Treasures 
  • Soothing Coconut Oil & Cocoa Butter
  • Hydrating Coconut Water & Vanilla Milk 
  • Color Care Argan Oil & Cranberry
  • Nourishing Avocado Oil & Shea Butter 
  • Refreshing Green Apple & Green Tea 

I was sent the Hydrating hair system with coconut water and vanilla milk and I've been testing it out these past months. How cute is this PR packaging? I thought it was really well done and innovative!

Each of the formulas is paraben free and also environmentally friendly. The Whole Blends promise ensures each product is great for your hair, improves communities and helps the preservation of the environment.

The beautiful blue bottle I received is the hydrating line and features Indian Coconut Water and Madagascan Vanilla Milk! I didn't know there was such a thing as vanilla milk but boy do those two sound exotic and nourishing! Coconut water is well known for being hydrating and replenishing, while the vanilla bean contain antioxidant properties. The smell is soft and tropical and you can definitely smell the coconut.

On a side note, do you like coconut water? I used to hate it but now I'm obsessed with it's taste!

The shampoo produced a very nice lather and did not strip my hair. The conditioner made my hair so soft and smooth! Especially when I rinsed with water, I felt like I'm touching silk. When dried, it still felt quite soft and smooth but not dramatically different.

However, I feel like the formula may be a bit too hydrating for my needs. I found that when I used it a few times in a row, it left my hair kind of flat. I also prefer to skip days of washing my hair and I found that my hair got oily quicker when I used this system.

The combination is very hydrating and definitely true to their claims. It would work better for someone who washes their hair daily or has very dry hair/scalp. I think I would continually use it but alternating with a more clarifying system.

I'd like to try the revitalizing line which features green tea and green apple! I love the designs and the distinctively different ingredients in each of the formulas. The hydrating line is definitely hydrating and better suited for daily hair washers! But it will leave your hair soft and smooth!

What's your current shampoo/conditioner set?

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