Thursday, May 12, 2016

NYC Get it All Collection- Makeup Look and Review


It has been a while since I did a look using NYC products! I thought I'd put the new NYC Get it All Collection foundation and lipstick to the test for this simple but polished look! For some throwback, here was a good one when I tried to create a look inspired by Demi Lovato.

The new Get it All collection wants to make sure you do not compromise your makeup needs and includes a collection of foundation, lipstick, and mascara. 

NYC Get it All Foundation - $5.99 available in 5 shades

First up, we have a stick foundation that is perfect for girls on the go. I personally haven't used a stick foundation in ages and was pretty skeptical especially with my dry skin. This foundation gives a medium coverage and can easily be buildable. I swiped this diagonally across my cheeks and found using a wet sponge the best application technique!

The product was smooth although not super creamy. Where you swipe on the product is mainly where the coverage will go. 

Left: 202 Honey Beige Rights: 101 Nude

What I really like is the weightless feel on the face. Once I've applied the product there is no tackiness or setting time. My face feels natural and there is no scent to the product, The wear time is quite good, 8+ hours for me. The finish is a demi-matte, but I prefer more of a dewy look on a day to day basis. I think this would be better for someone with oily skin that wants a smooth matte look. For me, I'd toss this into my purse to touch up after the gym or pool as the stick format is so convenient. 

Left: 202 Honey Beige Rights: 101 Nude

The two shades are very similar. Honey Beige has more of a yellow undertone and Nude has a pink undertone. Something to note is that Honey Beige is the darkest shade in the collection. I'm a little bit confused with that as it's barely even in the medium skin tone range. If you have lighter skin and have trouble finding fair shades at the drugstore, you may be in luck! But NYC should really expand the range to include deeper skin tones.

Before and After wearing 202 Honey Beige

I had some redness in the cheeks before and the foundation eliminated the redness and created a smooth matte canvas. 

NYC Get it All Lip Color - $5.99 available in 12 shades

Next we have four shades from the new Lip Colors which claims to be non-drying and wear for four hours in a single stroke. From the first swatch, these colors definitely pack a punch. Each of these is extremely pigmented and even leaves a bit of a stain.

The formula is smooth but again not creamy. There's quite a bit of "grip" as I apply this on my lips. I guess this "grip" is what helps it's wear time. I do find these last a long time but the color also transfers easily to cups, napkins etc. since it's so pigmented. 

Left to right: 600 TerrifiCORAL, 300 ImpREDssive, 400 ExtraordiBERRY, 200 PINKtastic

The packaging on these is a step up from the traditional Expert Last lipsticks. The tub is skinnier and taller. The lipstick also twists all the way down so the cap won't nick the product. I also really like that the bottom of each of these is color coordinated to the product.

I wouldn't say these are the most comfortable on the lips. I don't find them drying by any means but the "grip" also doesn't make it feel hydrating. When compared to the Expert Last lipsticks, I think these have more color pay off but the value isn't as good as the Expert Last lipsticks are only $1.99 each!

Left to right: 600 TerrifiCORAL, 300 ImpREDssive, 400 ExtraordiBERRY, 200 PINKtastic

All of the colors were quite flattering on me but none were that unique! If you are looking for a super pigmented lipstick from the drugstore, give these a try! If you are just looking for a quality inexpensive lipstick, give the NYC Expert Last lipsticks a try instead!

Here I am wearing 300 ImpREDssive. Overall the two products were pretty good but not the best I've tried from NYC. The foundation will be a life saver if I need to pack it for travel but not something I would reach for on a daily basis. The lipsticks are surprisingly pigmented but again probably not something I would wear on a daily basis. 

What products from NYC have you tried recently?

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