Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pan that Palette Update #2- Anastasia Self-Made Palette (Eyeshadow Looks)

I have fallen more in love with this palette the more I use it! At the beginning of the year, I set out to use the Anastasia Self-Made Palette for an entire year! Each month, I was focused on one shadow and experimenting with looks that I can create. In my first update, I hit pan on one shadow. I'm happy to report that I have now hit pan on 3 shadows!

Here are the two additional shades I've hit pan now and how I used it!

Treasure I used this shade for most of February and March. As shown in my last update, I sweeped this all across the lid and then lined with a felt black liner. It gives a Korean style eye look.

Self-Made For the months of April and May, I was focused on using this shade! For a majority of the days, I started by putting this color in the outer half of my lid and then blending it with Sorbet. It created a very warm, blended look.

I don't wear eyeshadows every single day so it takes me a bit longer to use up the shades. Additionally I have such small lid space that it really doesn't take a lot of product to finish a look. But I'm very proud of the progress I've made and I think I can hit pan on at least 3 more shades by the end of this year!

Here is the look using Self-Made and Sherbet. It's very appropriate for everyday. You can find these types of shades in a lot of neutral palettes so it's easy to recreate! Then for summer time time, if you are feeling creative, add a mint green to your lower lashes for a pop of color. I used Isla that's in this palette.

For next month, this is the look that I created and I'm very excited to wear it! It's going to be great for summer and the shimmery center helps to wake my eyes up!

I start by blending Sherbert into the crease and onto the outer edges of my lid. Then I used Pink Champagne all across the lid using a patting motion. I deepened the look with Hot Chocolate in the outer v, but I would probably skip that for every day. Finish off with a black eyeliner and mascara! You can recreate this look with any orange/coral shade and a shimmery pink shade.

Pink Champagne, Sherbert, Treasure

I've been really enjoying the project so far and it's so satisfying to see pan showing! It'll be interesting to see if the progress will accelerate in the second half of the year as I've now dipped my brushes into most shades.

Do you wear the same eyeshadow look everyday? Or are you always switching it up?

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