Thursday, May 5, 2016

Quo Prismatic Collection Spring 2016 Review and Swatches

With Spring underway, I'm on the hunt to update my makeup routine! Quo recently put out their Prismatic collection exclusively available at Shoppers Drug Mart. The collection includes 3 eyeshadow palettes, 2 face palettes, a brow kit and 4 shades of nail polish. I have a couple of the products to show you.

So for the past couple of months, I've focused on one type of makeup item (January - Mascara, February- Foundation, March- Blush, April - Lipstick). For May, I'll be featuring new summer releases instead! There has just been tons of exciting launches and I want to keep you guys in the loop for what's new. We'll go back to reviewing one type of product in June (eyeliners).

Each of the palettes feature a large full size mirror. It looks a bit blurry in the photo as I kept the plastic film on. But once you take it off, it is very clear and handy to have. The cases of these palettes have an abstract psychedelic design that is so unique and a great addition to my collection. 

Prismatic Face Palette in Stardust- $18
Let's start off with my favorite item! This face palette contains a blush, highlight and bronzer. All three shades are shimmery so it's not like a contour palette. I usually like to mix two of the shades as I find using all three too shimmery. 

Each of the shades is smooth although not that soft in texture. It is pigmented enough for my liking. Most of all, the shades are flattering. The blush is a nice plummy pink, the highlighter is a light opal, and the bronzer is a glowing chocolate shade.

At $18, you can get all your cheek needs covered and it comes in a beautiful case! Love and definitely recommend.

Up close view of the shades. There is another set called Moonwalk featuring more neutral colors. The highlighter in that palette has more of a peachy sheen.

Swatches of the Stardust palette

Prismatic Eye Palette in Intergalatic- $18

Next up is their eyeshadow palette which features 10 colors in a range of satin, matte, and shimmer. I'm usually a very warm, rose gold type of eye look girl, so I was scared but excited to try these cool blue shades out. I had mild success with a silvery eye look during the holiday season so I was hoping to recreate it.

I used the three shades on the bottom right. I swiped the grey on the inner half and the blue on the outer half. Then I lined it with the black shadow. I smudged all of the colors in my lower lashline in the same order.

Unfortunately I found the formula of these too sheer to create the looks I want. Maybe if you had fair skin, the colors would show up better. But on me, the top row mostly looked the same and was ashy on my skin. The two shades I liked were the navy in the bottom left hand corner and the shimmery beige shade in the top row. 

The shimmery shades were easier to work with than the matte shades in this palette. I really wanted to make the green and blue shades on the bottom row work but it made me look bruised. There are two other eyeshadow palettes available: Colorful Life (pastel colors), and Infinity (plum and rose shades). Infinity has more colors I gravitate towards but I think the formula of the eyeshadows are quite sheer too.

Prismatic Brow Kit- $12

This little brow kit is super portable for those who like to touch up during the day. It comes with a wax, two toned powder and a small brush. The mirror in this packaging comes in handy! I found the powders to be just the right amount of pigmentation and I dip about 3/4 of the brush in the dark shade and 1/4 in the lighter shade.

Quo by Orly Nail Polish in Stand Out -$10
For spring, four shades were released, this bright pink, a minty green, a shimmery purple, and a duochrome lilac. Stand Out is a bright coral pink and it contains lots of silver shimmer. I love the color itself, but the shimmer makes the formula feel a bit gritty and also difficult to take off. For that reason, I'll most likely be sticking to wearing this on my toes. I'd definitely be interested to try out the other three shades though as the brush and wear time both impressed me!

Wear the brow kit, eyeshadow palette, and face palette.

Overall, the face kit was a great find for me! The color, quality and value checkboxes have all been met! The brow kit is also a nice addition to have if you are looking for something portable. I'd pass on the eyeshadow palette unless you are looking for a sheer wash of color. Make sure you check out this collection at Shoppers Drug Mart!

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