Thursday, May 19, 2016

Vichy Ideal Soleil Review- Ultra Fluid SPF30 & Double Usage After Sun

The sun is out and it's time to protect our skins! One of my beauty goals of 2016 is to wear more sunscreen and I think I finally found a face sunscreen that I like! Vichy has an amazing sunscreen selection in the Ideal Soleil line up and they also recently introduced an after sun care that will help extend your tan!

The Ideal Soleil collection was made to provide the most pleasant textures. We probably all have experienced super tacky, greasy, and smelly sunscreen in our childhood. It's a good thing that sunscreens have come a long way since then!

I found this chart from Vichy to be very informative about the UV rays that you can be exposed to. The filter used in Ideal Soleil products is called Mexoral-XL-SX and provides protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Each product is also infused with Vichy Thermal Water to help sooth the skin!

The sunscreen I've been wearing everyday this week is the Vichy Ultra Light Fluid in SPF 30 ($25.95) for the face. True to it's name, it is a very light, liquidy product perfect for applying on a daily basis. It dries pretty quickly and does not leave a greasy finish at all! I actually find it a bit too mattifying but I have very dry skin!

When first applied, it looks like it would have a white cast but it is quickly absorbed. The amount shown in the photo is usually how much I would use for both cheeks, then I would take another of that amount for my forehead and nose. Once it's patted in, it's virtually unnoticeable, see photo below. I think this product would be great to layer under your normal makeup as it's so light and thin.

I had a bit of an issue with flaking in the first few days and I think it's related to the moisturizer I used the night before. It's a thicker cream and I feel like it mixes with the sunscreen and curds. When I switched to using a facial oil as a night time moisturizer, I didn't experience any flaking!

New to Vichy is this Double Usage After Sun Care ($29.95) which hydrates the skin to provide for a radiant tan! I just learned that hydrated skin is a parameter to extending your tan and this product contains shea butter, four types of oils and vitamin E. The product claims to sooth after sun exposure, nourish the skin, and beautify and extend the tan! It can be used in the shower or on dry skin.

It's still early in the season so I haven't had a "tanning" session yet. I tried this out in the shower and on dry skin to see how it would perform. The product is very liquidy and I rubbed it into my arms and legs. After I rinsed off, I noticed there is an oily film similar to a sugar scrub. It definitely left my skin looking more "radiant" and nourished, but I didn't really like the oily feeling. I wouldn't recommend putting this on dry skin as it left my hands feeling very greasy. I'm not sold on this yet but I'll have to give it another shot when I get too much sun this summer. One thing I did like is the scent, it transports me to a beach with palm trees and ocean sprays. 

How's your sunscreen game? Are you a daily applier or a sun burnt regreter? 

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