Thursday, June 30, 2016

Estee Edit The Edgiest Kohl Shadowsticks- Guilt and Frost Bite

If you read my last post, I introduced the new Estee Edit collection. Today I'll be capping off the eyeliner reviews of June with the Edgiest Kohl Shadowsticks from Estee Edit. In addition to just reviewing products, I wanted to provide helpful tips such as what to look for when buying an eyeliner. In this post, I want to show you how a shimmery nude eyeliner can brighten and make your eyes look bigger!


Name: Estee Edit The Edgiest Kohl Shadowsticks
Shade: 10 shades. I have 02 Frost Bite and 03 Guilt
Price: $26
Amount of Product: 1.4g
Availability: Exclusively at Sephora 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Introducing Estee Edit ft. Kendall Jenner + Irene Kim #beautyattitudes

If you follow makeup/beauty blogs, you may have heard of Estee Edit! It's a new brand under the Estee Lauder family that targets Millennials and they bring in a constantly changing group of influencers as Guest Editors. For their big launch, they partnered with Kendall Jenner and Irene Kim who I think are fantastic choices. I'm so happy that there's a bit of Asian beauty representation!

The brand is inspired by Estee Lauder's "Beauty is an Attitude" saying and will sell trend-based makeup and skincare at approachable price points. You can think of it as Estee Lauder's trendy little sister. Their products are currently exclusive to Sephora. I have three products to show you today!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ceramic Glaze Summer 2016 Collection

For Summer 2016, Ceramic Glaze released the Botanical Oasis collection featuring 8 shades that would be great all over the nail or to create elaborate nail art.

Ceramic Glaze is available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. All nail polishes are free of added formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP, and has a special non-thickening formula, ensuring an even application. The collection is inspired by the whimsical greenery and flowers that fill our gardens in the summertime. I have 7 of the shades to share with you guys today! So read on if you want to find the perfect nail color. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

H&M Aqua Liquid Eyeliner in Apple Mint Review

In the last year or so, H&M released beauty products in their store and this is the first time I've tried anything! I picked this up as part of my H&M haul using my gift card. I was initially drawn to this due to the $3 red sale sticker (no shame) and figured it'd be a neat product to review.

Name: H&M Aqua Liquid Eyeliner
Shade: 10 shades. I have Apple Mint
Price: $7.99- on sale for $3
Amount of Product: 1.7mL
Availability: At H&M stores and online

Thursday, June 16, 2016

essence cosmetics Lip Products Collection Review and Demo

If you've been to Shoppers Drug Mart, you might have seen a stand selling essence cosmetics. This brand originated from Europe and has a full collection of super affordable makeup. I first introduced the brand 1.5 years ago and I'm so excited to share much more of their collection.

Today's post is featuring their lip products line up. There's tons of photos, swatches coming up, so brace yourself!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

NYC Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil (Sky High & Teal) Review

Up next in my eyeliner review are these NYC Waterproof Eyeliner Pencils. I've had these for about two years now and finally got around to reviewing these! I'm a big fan of colored eyeliners and blues and greens are my favorites for a pop of color in the summer time. I think these are recently renamed to City Proof 24Hr Waterproof Eyeliner,

Name: NYC Waterproof Eyeliner Pencils
Shade: 7 shades. Mine are 936 Sky High and 937 Teal
Price: $3.99
Amount of Product: 1.2g
Availability: At your local drugstore

Thursday, June 9, 2016

3 Things You Must Do in Parksville

During the May long weekend, I headed to Parksville with 3 of my highschool friends! Usually when people head to Vancouver Island, it's to visit Victoria. But today I'll share with you three unique things to do in the Parksville/Qualicum Beach area!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Eyeliner Basics ft. Essence Cosmetics

Each month this year, I've been featuring one type of product for review. For June I'll be doing eyeliners and instead of just reviews, I thought I'd share some tips and tricks as well!

Eyeliners are one of my most trusted makeup weapons as it really helps to define my smaller Asian eyes. I think for a lot of Asian girls, there's not enough lid space to do elaborate eyeshadow looks, but eyeliner can make a big difference. I'll be sharing with you things to look for when buying eyeliners, and reviews on three Essence eyeliners!

When I'm choosing an eyeliner here are the three things I'd look for:

1) Creaminess: The skin around our eyes are very sensitive so you don't want a product to be dragging around. At the same time, if a product is too creamy, it can easily smudge and leave you with raccoon eyes. 

2) Staying Power: Depending on how long you usually wear makeup for and how in depth your makeup removal routine is, look for something that has the right staying power. You don't want something that stains like a tattoo if you are just going out for a quick errand.

3) Pigmentation: Similar to point one, you don't want to have to reapply over and over and irritate the skin around your eyes. I prefer to have an eyeliner with strong pigmentation and true to color.

Friday, June 3, 2016

H&M Fashion Haul- Spring 2016

Recently I won a $100 gift card from a Twitter contest by H&M. I couldn't believe my luck and was very excited to get some new summer wardrobe! I'm sneaking in this short post along with a video! Please go watch it if you are interested in seeing how these look on, I did a try on!

With the $100, I bought four items of clothing, one eyeliner and have $17 left!

Black Sleeveless Tank - $14.99

Printed Cotton Pants- $12.99

Polka Dot Ruffle Shirt- $29.99

Striped Crop Top- $12.99

What are your favorite things to purchase from H&M? Got any suggestions for one more item?

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Quo Summer 2016 Collection- First Impressions & Swatches

Can you believe it's almost summer? I just had the Quo Spring 2016 collection posted on the blog but the Summer collection is already here! I wanted to give you a sneak peek so I'll be sharing my first impressions and swatches with the items I received!

Although the collection isn't named, there is a strong nautical theme to the products. I absolutely love the design of the outer packaging. I've never really noticed Quo at the drugstore before, but they are one of the only drugstore brands that I know that releases seasonal collections which is so cool!

Eyeshadow Palette- High Tide $18

There are three eyeshadow palettes in the collection. Each contains 8 shades and each shade is .8g. The palette itself is very compact and wastes no space. In the spring collection, the eyeshadow palette was very disappointing for me. In this one, the shades were definitely more pigmented and smoother to swatch. However, I thought the collection of shades was not very representative of a summer collection, but oh well!

I really like the two eggplant shades in the middle! I wish there was a mid-tone shade as it jumps from light bases to dark crease colors too quickly. It's easy to create a silvery smokey eye and a purple smokey eye. If you add in a neutral shade on the lid, you can use any of the last four shades as a crease color for a more neutral day time wear!

I created this look by using the dark purple shade on the outer third, the darker silver shade in the middle third, and the light silver shade in the inner third. Then I blended all the colors together with a clean brush!

For the bottom lasline, I used a purple pencil liner for the water line and the smudged it out with the dark purple shade.

Bronzer in Sunny Days $22

This bronzer is massive! It contains 19g of product and is the size of my entire hand! The packaging on this is absolutely gorgeous. It has the anchor pattern on the outer cover, a huge mirror, and a 3 shade bronzer in a wavy embossed pattern. 

There is one satin finish darker brown, a shimmery light pink, and a shimmery light brown. You can multipurpose them and use it as an eyeshadow too! Unfortunately the shades swatches very light and gives more a glow rather than a bronze.

The arrow is pointing at three shades swirled together. If you can make out the three swatches to the left of it, that's the colors separately. When worn, the two shimmery shades give off a beautiful golden highlight!! However, there is not much color pay off in terms of bronzing.

Lip Oil in Set Sail - $12

I've never tried a lip oil before and this was very cool. The product is liquidy and doesn't actually feel oily at all. It gives off so much shine but none of the stickiness. I've never gotten into matte lips as I think shiny lips look the best so I love this a lot!

The applicator is a flat doe foot. Although the product is bright orange in the tube, when applied it's mostly clear with just a tinge of color.

Precision Liquid Eye Liner- In the Navy $12

Last item in the collection is this liquid liner. The applicator is made of a flexible foam material and is very easy to control! It gives the precision of a felt tip but you won't ever have to worry about bristles feathering. 

The color is a true navy blue and has a matte finish. It didn't stand up well to me rubbing my eyes, but when I didn't touch it, it lasted 11+ hours. Overall I found the eyeliner very easy to control and a good Navy alternative at the drugstore.

The pattern on this collection is so gorgeous, I'm obsessed! The bronzer gives off a beautiful golden glow but probably won't show up for anyone darker than me. I was very happy with the look I created from the eyeshadow palette. If you like the color selection, definitely give it a try!

The lip oil was very unique and I loved the shine. The liquid eyeliner also held up for a long time but I wish it was also in the cute anchor packaging! I'd recommend the lip oil for the non-sticky shine and the bronzer for the packaging!

All items are available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart starting June 2016.

Have you ever bought a product for it's packaging? What are your favorite summer packaging themes?