Sunday, June 5, 2016

Eyeliner Basics ft. Essence Cosmetics

Each month this year, I've been featuring one type of product for review. For June I'll be doing eyeliners and instead of just reviews, I thought I'd share some tips and tricks as well!

Eyeliners are one of my most trusted makeup weapons as it really helps to define my smaller Asian eyes. I think for a lot of Asian girls, there's not enough lid space to do elaborate eyeshadow looks, but eyeliner can make a big difference. I'll be sharing with you things to look for when buying eyeliners, and reviews on three Essence eyeliners!

When I'm choosing an eyeliner here are the three things I'd look for:

1) Creaminess: The skin around our eyes are very sensitive so you don't want a product to be dragging around. At the same time, if a product is too creamy, it can easily smudge and leave you with raccoon eyes. 

2) Staying Power: Depending on how long you usually wear makeup for and how in depth your makeup removal routine is, look for something that has the right staying power. You don't want something that stains like a tattoo if you are just going out for a quick errand.

3) Pigmentation: Similar to point one, you don't want to have to reapply over and over and irritate the skin around your eyes. I prefer to have an eyeliner with strong pigmentation and true to color.

Essence Liquid Eyeliner: For a really bold, dark look I'd go with a liquid eyeliner. This one from Essence has a foam type applicator so you do not have to worry about bristle feathering. The ink is very black and opaque and has a glossy finish. I found this a bit harder to control as it is so pigmented so this would probably be best for those who already use eyeliners quite a bit!

This lasted 7+ hours on me without smudging. It held up well against me rubbing my eyes as well. This would be really good if I wore false lashes and want a bold lined look.

Essence Eyeliner Pen: To get defined edges and thin lines, I like to go with a felt tip pen. This is technically also a liquid but is easier to control. This one from essence has a nice fine point that makes it easy to drag out wings. The bristle has a slight flexibility to them that makes it easy to control

The coloring could have been a bit more opaque as I found it to look more grey than black. This wore for 8+ hours but smudged when I rubbed my eyes.

Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil: I love twist up eyeliners! Pencil liners are great for tighlining, waterlining, and for when you want a soft look. Traditional pencil liners are such a hassle to sharpen , so I really appreciate a twist up liner. I have the shades -- and --. These eye pencils were smooth, creamy and easy to apply.  I love adding pops of color to my look in the summer and these two shades were just right to be contrasting but wearable. 

In the picture below, I wore the purple liner on my top lashline, tightline and waterline for 7 hours. I'd say it lasted around 4 hours on my waterline. After 7 hours, the waterline and tightline have mostly smudged away. There was still some left on my lashline but no longer fresh.

Swatches of the Essence Eyeliner Pencil, Essence Liquid Eyeliner, and Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil.

The essence eyeliners are a really affordable alternatives. However, none of the products blew me away unlike some other essence makeup I've tried. Out of the three, the eyeliner pencil was my favorite for the ease of use and staying power. More reviews of essence products to come including some items that I love!

What are your favorite type of eyeliners to use? Liquid, felt, or pencil?

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