Sunday, June 19, 2016

H&M Aqua Liquid Eyeliner in Apple Mint Review

In the last year or so, H&M released beauty products in their store and this is the first time I've tried anything! I picked this up as part of my H&M haul using my gift card. I was initially drawn to this due to the $3 red sale sticker (no shame) and figured it'd be a neat product to review.

Name: H&M Aqua Liquid Eyeliner
Shade: 10 shades. I have Apple Mint
Price: $7.99- on sale for $3
Amount of Product: 1.7mL
Availability: At H&M stores and online

Packaging: The eyeliner is in a two toned plastic packaging with one side showcasing the color of the shade. All the product is in the colored side while the white side holds the brush. There's nothing too fancy about the packaging but the clean aesthetics appeals to me very much. The brush is a felt tip and is precise and easy to control.

Color: I chose Apple Mint as I didn't have a very light eyeliner in my collection. Also who does not love a good mint (brainwashed by Tiffany & Co and David's Tea). The shade is a light mint color with more blue base than green. There is a bit of shimmer in the color but once dried down, it's not very noticeable. 

Formula: The product is relatively thin and the color is medium intensity pigmentation. It applies a bit better on the eyelid than in the swatch below. It takes about a minute for the formula to dry down and you'd want to avoid touching or moving your eyelids during that time. I did find some inconsistency in the formula when I'd find tiny bits of bundling every once in a while. While I really like the color, I wish there was more intensity. The product was also a bit difficult to remove and tended to crumble together which results in me having to brush off the crumbs all over my cheeks.

Wear Time: I had a bit of trouble with creasing when I first applied as I had opened my eyes while it was still wet. Once it dried however, I was amazed by how well it wore through out the day. After 12 hours of wear, it still looked almost same as when I first applied. I tested rubbing the area and the eyeliner stays put!

Color                 6/10
Creaminess        N/A
No smudging     9/10
Longevity          9/10
Value                8/10
Rating: 32/40 B

I really like the shade and the wear time of this eyeliner. However, I found the pigmentation not up to my expectations. With fun colors like this, you want it to pop and this only gives off medium intensity. At $3 it's a steal and I'd recommend you to pick it up for those one off looks if you can find it on sale. However at it's regular price of $7.99, the quality is just not up to par and I'd probably pass on these!

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