Sunday, June 26, 2016

Introducing Estee Edit ft. Kendall Jenner + Irene Kim #beautyattitudes

If you follow makeup/beauty blogs, you may have heard of Estee Edit! It's a new brand under the Estee Lauder family that targets Millennials and they bring in a constantly changing group of influencers as Guest Editors. For their big launch, they partnered with Kendall Jenner and Irene Kim who I think are fantastic choices. I'm so happy that there's a bit of Asian beauty representation!

The brand is inspired by Estee Lauder's "Beauty is an Attitude" saying and will sell trend-based makeup and skincare at approachable price points. You can think of it as Estee Lauder's trendy little sister. Their products are currently exclusive to Sephora. I have three products to show you today!

For the first release, they've categorized the products into the following beauty attitudes:

The Edgiest: push the boundaries with high pigment and full on color
The Barest: feel good formulas in sheer washes of color
Guest Editor Skin Glow: guest editors picks for an instant glow

Highlighting and glowy skin is all the rage and fittingly the guest editors (Kendall Jenner and Irene Kim) put together a collection of items focused on "Skin Glow".

This product is essentially a glowing moisturizer and a shimmer concentrate under the flip cap. There is only one shade right now which is light-medium and can suit a wide range of skintones as it doesn't have much coverage. The lotion has hyaluronic acid for hydration and is packed with micro shimmer. 

The consistency of the product is more like a cream foundation but it spreads very easily. I usually use my fingers but will sometimes use a foundation brush. I find it gives a tiny bit of coverage to even out the skin but it's definitely more of a moisturizer than a foundation. When you first apply it, you may think it looks WAY too shimmery, but once it dries down it doesn't look that crazy. However, I would only recommend this for dry skinned girls as it does seriously packs a glow.

If you open up the flip cap, there's a golden creamy highlighter that you can use to add glow to specific spots on your face. The consistency is pretty light and creamy and the shade is very nice for the summer. This is best applied with your finger.

Moisturizer on left side of my hand and highlighter on right side.

I actually really love this product as I have dry skin and I usually wear very light foundation, if any, on a day to day basis. However, the pricing point feels really high in comparison to the rest of the collection/similar products. For a moisturizer I would be happier paying $30-$40. But if you enjoy an all over moisturizing glow, this is the product for you!

One of the main components of "the Barest" line up is the collection of coordinating lipcolor and lip liners! The purpose of this collection is to feature good for you formulas with sheer washes of color. There are six different shades of lipsticks and they each have a matching lip liner. I have 03 in Exposed which is a brown toned nude.

The packaging an ombre white to silver casing with ridges. The feel of it really reminds me of the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. There is good weight to the lipstick but the twist up feels a bit flimpsy.

The formula is quite moisturizing and gives a bit of shine to the lips! It only lasts about 2 hours but that is expected given the balmy texture. 

As you can see, you can wear it pretty sheer (1 swipe on the left swatch), or you can build it up to a medium pigmentation (3 swipes on the right swatch). The color on me is a bit off. It's such a trendy shade but I think someone that's a bit lighter in skin tone than me would fare better.

I do really want to try other shades and also the Barest Blushes that are part of this collection.

The Estee Edit line up also has a collection of skincare items. There are masks, cleansers and this pore vanishing stick sits within the "instantly, visibly gorgeous skin" collection. As the name states, this product is suppose to vanish your pores and provide a perfect skin canvas. It can be used alone, under or over makeup.

Can you tell which side I used the pore vanishing stick on?

I was quite skeptical of this product as it sounds like one of those gimmicky items. But I think this really works! It helps to blur out any lines and imperfections and creates a very smooth canvas. It has a bit of the silicone feel. The instructions say you can use over or under makeup but I would recommend to use it first as it slightly pills otherwise. On a side note, the size is really great for putting in your purse to touch up!

Overall I really enjoyed all three products. I wish I had a different shade of lipstick but the formula is still a dream to wear. There are a ton of how to videos featuring Kendall and Irene which are fun to watch! From a business stand point, this collection is such a brilliant idea.  The current millennials are obsessed with social media, and partnering with social influencers is a fantastic move. Additionally this collection really satisfies a niche that Estee Lauder's traditional line does not cover. The products combine the quality you know and love from Estee Lauder and infused it with the latest trends and an appealing packaging to the younger generation!

Wearing all three products mentioned. Sorry for the grainy photo but this captured the "glow" very nicely.

Make sure to give these a try next time you are in Sephora, there's a ton of products in the brand. Some of the products are quite gimmicky but I am still definitely curious (Flash Photo Gloss I'm looking at you). The Beam Team and the Pore Vanishing Stick might appeal only to a specific segment but The Barest lipstick is great for everyone. 

I'm actually in the process of reviewing the Estee Edit Edgiest Kohl Shadowsticks so look out for the next post if you are interested in seeing more reviews with this brand!

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