Sunday, June 12, 2016

NYC Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil (Sky High & Teal) Review

Up next in my eyeliner review are these NYC Waterproof Eyeliner Pencils. I've had these for about two years now and finally got around to reviewing these! I'm a big fan of colored eyeliners and blues and greens are my favorites for a pop of color in the summer time. I think these are recently renamed to City Proof 24Hr Waterproof Eyeliner,

Name: NYC Waterproof Eyeliner Pencils
Shade: 7 shades. Mine are 936 Sky High and 937 Teal
Price: $3.99
Amount of Product: 1.2g
Availability: At your local drugstore

After taking the photos, I realized that 936 Sky High was actually quite dried out. If you want to see it in action, check out this fun music festival look! So I did the demo in this post using 937 Teal instead.

Packaging: These eyeliners are in very traditional pencil liner packaging. The pencil needs to be sharpened. I like that the outer packaging is colored so you can easily identify the liner you want. The cap stays on tightly and I haven't had any troubles of it slipping. 

Colors: What you see is what you get. The color pay off is very true to what you see in the pencil. 936 Sky High is a bright medium blue with a satin finish. 937 Teal is a forest green with gold shimmer.

Formula: The liner was very smooth and creamy to apply. However, you do have to be careful of creasing as it is so creamy. The color is extremely pigmented, and you do not need to tug at the skin at all. I wore the 937 Teal color and unfortunately found transfers of the gold shimmer around my eye area. I remember 936 Sky High wearing very nicely but I think the addition of shimmer makes it more difficult to stay put.

Before and after with 12 hours of wear.

When I was reading my "About Me" page, I realized one of my goals when I started was to give quantitative reviews. So I'm bringing back my rating system!

Color                 5/5
Creaminess        9/10
No smudging     6/10
Longevity          6/10
Value                5/5
Rating: 31/40 B

Overall, these would be good if you are on a budget and wanted to create a new look. Especially if you only need to photograph or wear it for a few hours, the color and pigmentation is great! The longevity isn't quite what I hoped for and is mostly gone by the end of the day. Shades without the addition of shimmer would fare better.

Do you use colored liners? What's your favorite drugstore colored liner?

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