Thursday, July 28, 2016

bliss grapefruit+aloe body butter and soapy suds

As the weather is getting warmer, I like to switch my bath and body products to something with a fresh scent! These two bliss products have been sitting in my cabinets waiting to get used and I'm excited to finally take them out!

The bliss grapefruit + aloe scent is an uplifting citrus that makes you feel pampered. You can also smell the "sparkling" grapefruit, I don't know how, but you just do!

bliss grapefruit + aloe soapy suds body wash + bubbling bath: This duo purpose product can be used as a body wash in the shower or a poured into a bath to create bubbles and foam.

I really like the convenience of a pump as it makes it super easy in the shower. The scent is fantastic and this stuff lathers VERY well! If you use a loofah, one pump would be enough for the whole body. Even with just using your hands, you can get a very foamy lather. I haven't yet tried it for a bath as I'm not a fan of sitting in my own water.

bliss grapefruit + aloe body butter maximum moisture cream: The body lotion has a matching scent and pairs really nicely with the body wash. The texture is in between a body lotion and a body butter. It sinks in quickly and does not leave the body greasy! This is especially noticeable after I just used the DHC body lotion for a month and didn't realize how greasy that felt until I switched to this. 

Overall, I love how these two products smell and it keeps me feeling fresh in the summer! The products are more expensive, but it feels very pampering. Additionally, a lot of bliss products can be found on sale now at Winners, Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack etc. Go take a look at those places if you want to try bliss products without paying full price!

Side note: I had the photos sitting in a draft for almost a year! Oh man, procrastination!

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