Sunday, July 24, 2016

ELF Contour Palette Review

Rounding out this month of bronzers is this e.l.f contour palette! I've been a long fan of e.l.f, but since my huge haul 3 years ago, I haven't played with any of their new makeup. One cool product they've released are these face palettes that are customization.

To see how this product wears, read on!

Name: Contour Palette
Shade: Only 1 option available
Price: $6
Amount of Product: 18.5g
Availability: Available at London Drugs and elf online

Packaging: The palette is in a square black casing that is quite sturdy and slightly bigger than my hand. Inside, there are four squares for each of the product. I love that you can pop out any of the shades and it's interchangeable with the bronzer and blush palettes too! The inside also includes a huge mirror! The packaging is simple but sophisticated and very functional too!

Colors: There are four shades in here that are suppose to help you create the perfect contour.

Highlight (Top Left): This is a matte-satin white that you can put on the highest points of your face. I like my highlights with more glow and this made the area look lighter but also matte. 

Define (Top Right): This is an beige powder that is very similar to my skin tone! I can almost use it as a face powder. The instructions say to use this to "define" areas but most people seem to use this to set under eye makeup.

Contour (Bottom Row): There are two shades to contour with, one is more warm and orange, and the other is more cool and brown. Although they swatch and look pretty differently, on the face it actually looks quite similar. I find the orange shade also looks good when used on the apples of the cheeks to give a healthy flush.

Overall I really like the two bottom colors but a bit confused on how to use the top two. I've been putting the darkest contour shade under my cheekbones and using the lighter contour shade on my cheeks!

Formula: Although it's at such an affordable price, the feel of these powders is very high end. Each of the four shades feel so soft and creamy! They give really good color payoff and are easy to blend! The formula is top notch even with the lighter shades! In my swatch I found the color to start fading around 3 hours and mostly gone by 6 hours so it's not the most long wearing. 

Before contouring

After contouring


Packaging                             10/10
Color & Pigmentation           6/10
Texture & Longevity               8/10
Value                                    10/10
Overall 34/40 B 

I really love the formula of these powders but found it difficult to fully utilize all four shades! I think having all these steps over complicate normal every day makeup routines. If you love contouring and highlighting, you will love this! Many of the shades are dupes of other high end contouring palettes. However, I just want one good contour shade so I might pop out the rest and fill it with other elf bronzers or blushes!

What do you think about contour kits? Do you use all of the shades to achieve the look?

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