Thursday, July 14, 2016

Music Festival Inspiration (Hair, Makeup, Outfit)

I spent the Canada Day weekend at Fvded in the Park and had a blast! Before attending though, I was searching up inspirations for my hair, makeup, and outfit. It was surprisingly difficult with way too many unwearable options! I decided to compile some inspirations and grouped it to those that are stereotypical "go with the flow" or more unique "make your own way". All of them however are wearable! Let's get started!

Go with the Flow- Flower Crowns
Embrace your inner bohemian fashionista! (Image via The Entertaining House  
(Image via
One of the most classic ways to dress up your hair style at a music festival is with flower crowns. Similar to the snapchat filter, it just does wonders! You can find them for sale at H&M and Forever 21, or there are plenty of DIYs on Youtube.

Make your Own Way- Baseball Hat

(Image via Getty Images)
A more unique way to play up your hair style is with a baseball cap. Steal from the boys and plot it on backwards to keep your hair out of your face and looking extra cool!

Go with the Flow- Casual Basics

(Image via Pinterest)

The classic combo for a music festival outfit:
Crop top + Distressed High Waisted Denim Shorts + Plaid Shirt + Converse
You'll fit right in and it'll be comfy all day!

Make your Own Way- Boho Glam

(Image via Pinterest)
For a more unique look, try an off the shoulder top with some printed shorts! Choose lightweight fabrics that won't weigh you down.

Go with the Flow- Dots and Glitter

(Image via Pinterest)
Music festival makeup tutorials always feature some type of dots and glitter. I did it too in a tutorial last year!
Make your Own Way- Color Blocking

(Image via Makeup Bag)
Otherwise, go bold and try some bright colors such as ombre lips and yellow, orange and pink eyeshadow! Also, pop on some lashes to really open up your eyes.

Here's what I ended up wearing to the event!

Day 1: I recently found a baseball hat for cheap so I styled a tomboy look. For hair, I sprayed a lot of sea salt spray to get it a tousled look.

Hat: Nike 
Tank: Bintang from Bali
Shorts: Hollister denim shorts
Shirt: Hollister plaid shirt

Day 2: I had no idea what I was going to wear and actually decided on my outfit last minute. For my hair, I straightened it and then pulled it half up. Within the half up, I did a braid all the way down. Then I started feeling adventurous and put in some of my pink hair extensions.

Tank: Forever 21
Sports Bra: Forever 21
Shorts: Hollister

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