Sunday, July 10, 2016

Stila Stay All Day Contouring Bronzer in Light Review

Who doesn't want a nice tan in the middle of the summer? I love the glow that bronzers give to the face and also the definition from contouring! Up next in my review is the Stila Stay All Day Contouring Bronzer.

Name: Stila Stay All Day Contouring Bronzer in Light
Shade: 3 shades. I have Light
Price: $47
Amount of Product: 15g
Availability: At Sephora and Stila Online

Packaging: The product comes in a pretty simplistic packaging in a square golden plastic casing. One awesome feature is the full size mirror on the inside. I love how the packaging snaps really satisfyingly. The actual product has a sunburst pattern which is quite neat.

Color: The product is completely matte and meant to be a contour for the face or the body. The product is a massive 15g and would really last you years! The color is only just slightly darker than my skin tone so this would be great for lighter skinned girls.

Formula: I really enjoy the feel of the bronzer. The powder is soft and velvety. The product applies quite naturally, although when I use a dense brush, I can usually see a nice contour. I'm not sure how long it actually lasts for as it's hard to pick out, but I'd say around 6 hours is a good guess. 

Only a tad darker than my skin.



I also put on a touch of blush and highlighter but I think you can also see the difference contouring made. I think the shade of this is just right for me to do a natural contour without fear of being too heavy handed. If you are darker, try the medium or the dark shades.


Packaging                             9/10
Color & Pigmentation           9/10
Texture & Longevity            9/10
Value                                    8/10
Overall 35/40 A

It's a pretty simple, unfussy contouring bronzer. It's fantastic value for the size especially if you want to use it on your body. However, it's not revolutionary and if you already have a bronzer that you like for contouring, I wouldn't say this is better.

How many contour bronzers do you own? Do they have different functions?

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