Sunday, August 28, 2016

NEW Skincare Tools- Face Off Cloth and Foreo Luna Play!

It's getting to that age when I should really start taking better care of my skin in order to prevent aging and wrinkles. One of the best ways to do that is to completely take off your makeup before you go sleep. I still struggle with this! Today I want to share two skincare tools that's been helping me get on track!

Face Off

First up is the Face Off cloth ($12.95). This is very similar to the idea of the Original Makeup Eraser sold at Sephora. The product is a simple microfiber cloth but it magically takes off all your makeup. I was pretty skeptical of how this works but I'm very impressed!

You simply run it under warm water first and I was able to easily take off all my makeup including mascara! You don't put any cleansers or makeup removers on the cloth so there's no contact with any chemicals! One thing that I hate about washing my face is getting water all down my arms. With this, the cloth is only damp so I don't have to deal with that. It's a very easy and quick process that leaves my face clean and smooth.

My previous makeup removal alternates between makeup wipes when I'm lazy or the DHC cleansing oil when I have a full face of make up on. The cleansing oil is relatively natural but I know that makeup wipes are usually pretty full of chemicals and not the best for your skin. So now on light makeup days, I will use this cloth instead of makeup wipes!

The cloth is really soft and when it's warm, it also has a relaxing facial feel!

Here is the cloth in action, I guess I just slapped this on my face and it took a nice imprint! The only thing I find a bit of a hassle is that you should be rinsing it with soap after you use the cloth. This kind of adds an extra step to the process. Additionally I find that lip stains are a bit hard to wash out. I would probably replace it after about 30-60 uses depending on how heavy your makeup application is. I prefer to just use this for light makeup days so I'm not spending so much time cleaning the cloth after I clean my face.

Overall though I really enjoy this product and I definitely found a place for it in my makeup routine! The price is actually really affordable at $12.95. Considering a pack of 25 makeup wipes is usually around $8, this is a much better alternative that would last longer.

Foreo Luna Play

I'm a bit late to the sonic cleansing game but it's not really a surprise considering how basic my skincare routine is. The Foreo Luna Play is actually my first sonic cleaning device! The original Luna made by Foreo retails for $229 and has 4 different brushes to choose from. It's a pretty big investment so that's why the Luna Play is the perfect intro to the Foreo family. This little guy retails for only $49!

The LUNA play is made to be an intro to the Foreo skincare family and also a great alternative to travel. There's a battery inside that will work for 100 cleans but it is not rechargable! If you use it twice a week, it will last you a year and if you use it every day it will last you just over 3 months.

There is just one power button in the back to activate the device. I just choose a gel cleanser, lather and then use the LUNA play in circular motion around my face.

I find my face feeling very clean after using this and any flaky skin is gone. I've only been using this about once a week as I do not have any strong skincare concerns at the moment. I haven't seen any significant difference to my skin but I do feel a deep clean every time I use this.

The Foreo LUNA play will be released at Murale in October 2016! If you've always been interested in trying a sonic skin care system but the investment was too much, this is the perfect device for you!

What are some of your skincare tools? Which of these two would you want to add to your skincare routine?

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