Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Quo Back to School Collection!

It's been a while since I've been in school, but this summer is my study summer for the big CFE exam to get my designation. I know it's only August, but the new Quo Back to School collection is so cute and I wanted to share ASAP!

If you have a female friend that's entering middle school or high school, I think the products would really appeal to them!

Available in August 2016 at Shoppers Drug Mart, there's a total of 4 items in this collection! I have three of them to share today.

Daily Beauty Palette
$42 CAD

The big mama of the collection is the daily beauty palette which features 28 eyeshadows, 7 eyeliners, and 3 blushes! The colors are coordinated by colors of the week and ranges from neutrals to purples, pinks, blues, greens, and greys. I feel like the color selection is awesome and really gives a good introduction to every type of basic colored look.

My favorite shadow of the whole palette is the third color in Monday. It's this gorgeous rose gold with lots of sheen! Usually in large palettes, quality is a question but all of the shadows feel smooth and are decently pigmented. I think the formula is better to build up, it's not quite as intense as Urban Decay or Too Faced shadows but I am quite happy with the payoff. It makes the shades more wearable for school and day times.

I'm also really impressed by the cream eyeliners. I thought they were going to be a dud but it's actually so creamy and pigmented and easy to apply! I love the range of color too and light silver is a really neat addition. The only disappointing shades in this palette are the blushes. The pink in the middle is quite nice but I'm not too sure what the other two colors are doing. For anyone with a bit of color, those shades are going to look ashy. Maybe can be used as powders or base colors? 

Thursday column

Monday column and eyeliners- I love that shimmery rose gold color!

Overall though I'm very impressed by the formula and payoff of the shadows and eyeliners so I give this 4/5.

Hall Monitor Clutch

This is a non makeup item but really fits in with the collection well. This clutch has a cell phone holder on the outside, 4 card slots on the inside and a coin pocket. There's a wrist strap so you can use it like a wristlet! I love the idea but I wish the outer plastic packaging wasn't so chunky. The black part is a faux leather and actually feels quite nice. But the pink portion is plastic and quite hard so it's not very flexible and makes the clutch more chunky than it has to be. 3/5

Taking Notes Beauty Palette

The winner in this collection for me is the taking notes beauty palette. It's meant to look like a 3 ring notebook, but actually contains two removable palettes that contain 6 eyeshadows, 1 eyeliner, 2 lip colors, and 2 cheek products each.

There's also four card slots and an elastic that can hold your phone!

I love that you can take the palette out and store them elsewhere or take it for travel. Then you can ACTUALLY use the rings for notebooks. 

The shadows are nicely coordinated so one is a neutral look and the other is a smokey look. The lip colors are quite varied too. Similar to the daily beauty palette, the cheek colors are quite light and only one of the shades is useable for me. However, the quality of everything is fantastic and I can get a really nice day time look out of it.

Last thing I love is the plastic cover over the products. It just makes it so much more portable and easy to store. Usually I hate mixing powders and creams but I haven't found too much difficulty yet. If there's one item to pick up from this collection, I'd recommend this one! 5/5

Look created with the first layer in the Taking Notes palette. I used the purple shade all over the lid and blend it out with the lighter shades and lined by bottom with the dark grey shade.

The fourth item in this collection is the Quo Get a Grip Magnetic Brush Set ($38). The kit contains 5 brushes but the cool part is the magnetic stand that holds up the brushes with magnetic silicone tips. I haven't tried any brushes from Quo yet but seems like an interesting system to store your brushes.

What do you think of this collection? Do you still do back to school shopping?

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