Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Try Barre Classes for FREE at The Bar Method 15th Anniversary Celebration!

There's been a lot of dance infused workout methods in the last couple of years and barre is the newest trend! Barre combines ballet movements with pilates and yoga for an all over toning workout.

I hate working out in a gym and I usually stay fit by playing sports. I used to do figure skating and ballet was part of my off-ice training so I was very intrigued to give barre workouts a try! I actually first heard about barre from my mom who raves about them and also recently from some of my corworkers who go to barre class several times a week.

Most of the studios in Vancouver offer monthly memberships that allows you to take unlimited classes or drop in classes usually between $20-$25 per class. It is a pretty expensive workout but most of the studios have a first time client offer! If you'd like to compare the options, Vanessa from Modern Mix Van broke down the different studios available!

But if you are interested in getting started, Bar Method is celebrating their 15th Anniversary this month and are offering FREE classes! For any new clients, just pre-register by calling the studio and there will be free classes all week from August 15-21st! Or if you'd like to sign up for the new client special, it will be 15% off! ($68 for 30 days of unlimited classes).

Other festivities for the 15th year Anniversary celebration include 15% off retail and mimosas after classes on Saturday and Sunday! There are two locations available: one in Yaletown and the other in West Vancouver.

Unfortunately I was not able to check out the studio before this post but I wanted to get this up to let you guys know about the free classes. I have signed up for the 30 day membership so I'll be trying out barre in the next couple of weeks! If you've done barre before, let me know how you like it! Or if you do other classes to stay fit, let me know what you do!

Photos reused with permission from Bar Method

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