Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mary Kay Fall 2016 Collection Full Review & Swatches

Mary Kay is an iconic makeup brand but I've always associated it with telemarketers and never gave them a second look.  Although I'm not much of a fan of multi-level marketing, I was intrigued to test out the products. They launched quite a few new products from their Fall 2016 collection and I've found a couple of items I really like!

The Fall 2016 collection is called Runway Bold and features intense shadows, metallic liners and high gloss lacquers.

Mary Kay Eye Color Palette- $26

There are five shades in this palette in a mix of gold and blue. There's been so many neutral palettes released recently so I was excited to see something so different. All of the shades are extremely pigmented! However all of the shades are shimmery or glittery so it's difficult to complete a full look for every day use. Also because the shadows contain so much glitter and shimmer, it's not as creamy to the touch and I did experience some fall out during application.

I love the bold color combinations and awesome pigmentation. But a couple of points deducted for fall out during application and needing to add in other shadows to complete a look.


Using the first two shades of the palette.

A bit more adventurous using all the shades in the palette. Bottom liner uses the eyeshadow over the gold eyeliner (below).

Gel Eye Liner- $20

This handy little product comes with two colors and an applicator that is hidden in the cap. Inside there is a deep brown and a gold. Both of the shades are so soft, smooth and creamy! It was really easy to apply with the applicator attached or you can also use any eyelining brushes. I really like the gold shade as it has a bit of shimmer and really brightens up the eye. The brown is good too but since it's so creamy I find that it's hard to layer for intensity as it's so slippery. Also I find it a bit odd to alternate the one brush with two colors. 


Nail Lacquer- $10

The shades in this collection are Blue Debut, Gold is Bold, and Rosy Encore. The blue shade is a cream finish while the two other shades have a metallic finish.

First off, I love the Blue Debut shade. It is so rich and could almost be opaque in one coat. Additionally the finish is as glossy as it gets! I love the wet look in polishes so I really enjoyed this one. The other two shades are quite fantastic too. I thought they would be gritty as the texture looked like glitter suspended in polish. But they actually apply so smoothly and feels smooth when dried too. I think these would look best as an accent nail instead of used as a manicure.


Glowing Finish Illuminating Stick- $14

I much prefer powder highlighters to cream highlighters and yet 80% of my highlighters are cream! There are two shades: Bronze and Gold. The formula of the two are very different. The Bronze shade is rose toned and has more of a sheen and is much smoother in formula. I like this one A LOT and it's pretty easy to use for a noticeable highlight. 5/5

The gold toned one however has a lot of glitter. This makes the formula more chunky. This would be fine except when I apply to the face, I end up with glitter all over. I guess I rub my face a lot but still it's not a cute look to have glitter on your face. 1/5

Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick- $21

These lipsticks are elegantly packaged in a black lipstick tube with an emblem in the front as the clasp. The logo is very classy and reminds me of what Givenchy would have as their logo. There is a clear plastic at the top that makes it easy to find your favorite color.

The formulation of these lipsticks claims to be full coverage with color that lasts for hours without leaving lips looking or feeling dry. It uses a gel microsphere technology and provides a soft focus effect.

They have a grippy texture when applied but feels absolutely weightless on the lips. The finish is true to its name of a semi-matte. There's no shine or gloss but light still reflects off of my lips which is flattering. I wouldn't say it's hydrating but if you want to wear this continuously, I would still apply lip balm in between applications. Although it doesn't dry out your lips when wearing it for a day, I feel like it still does dry when you wear it for a few days in a row.


Bashful You-  Light pink with lots of neutral and brown undertone.
Rich Truffle- Chocolate colored medium brown with a hint of orange.
Always Apricot- Medium dusty pink
Poppy Please- Bright red with orange undertone

Mauve Moment- Classic dusty pink with a hint of purple
Powerful Pink- Bright fuscia with lots of pink and purple hints
Crushed Berry- Deep grape purple
Midnight Red- Dark red with chocolate undertone

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with the quality of the products and how trendy the shades and formulas are. My favorites are the Rich Truffle Semi Matte lipstick, Bronze Illuminating Stick and the Blue Debut Nail Polish.

Have you ever tried anything from Mary Kay?

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