Thursday, September 15, 2016

Must Have Fall Outerwear (Trench, Rain, Leather)

Vancouver weather is always super unpredictable so it's good to get the fall jackets out nice and early. I actually had this post idea last year but didn't have enough time to find the links and photos to put it together. So I want to make sure this gets out before fall really hits.

Here are my top picks on must haves and some links to where you can find alternatives!

1) Trench Coat

This is my favorite jacket for wearing to work or anywhere that I want to look pulled together. It looks perfect over dresses or with pants. I bought mine when I was in HK from a brand called Strativus, but this is definitely the season to find a good trench coat at the mall.

Look for coats that have two columns of buttons as well as a belt for the perfect classic trench silhouette. Also I find that a shorter cut will make it look more modern whereas if it goes past your knee, it looks more older lady like.

 Forever 21 $69.90
ASOS $119.67
Nordstrom- London Fog $241.40

2) Rain Jacket

With the constant rain in Vancouver, having a sporty rain jacket is a fantastic option. Here's one I picked up from Columbia as I loved the fresh color. This jacket has come in so handy during travel too as it's such a hassle to bring an umbrella around. Or I bring this with me on "cloudy" looking days. Since it's so thin, it's easy to fold and stuff into my purse.

Make sure your jacket has a hood to protect you from the rain! Look for a rain jacket that's thin and easily foldable. I find it's really easy to get away with a brightly colored rain jacket, so definitely have fun with it!

North Face $99
Columbia $99
Marmot $100

3) Beige Leather Jacket

Lastly, I've been loving this beige faux leather jacket. Because the color is beige it gives off way more of a casual vibe. I also rarely zip up the front to continue that casual vibe. I find that black leather jackets can be a bit "intense" so having a lighter colored leather jacket is perfect for this time of the year. I bought mine from Dynamite three years ago and although its not leather, it has lasted me just fine!

Dynamite $54.95
Nordstrom- BLANKNYC $133

What jackets do you wear in the fall time?

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