Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fall Lookbook ft. Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers

I'm admittedly no fashion expert as I tend to stay with the basics such as tank + cardigan + jeans combo. However, I've been following a lot more fashion blogs recently and watching "how to style" videos on Youtube. It gave me motivation to adventure and try out seasonal trends. This post was made in collaboration of Sanuk shoes so I've put together a fall lookbook featuring three different outfits.

I was recently given an opportunity to try out and style Sanuk shoes! It's perfect as I feel like the style is classic but with very trendy prints. I've always known the brand as the fabric sling flip flops but they actually do boat shoes and boots as well. As much as I wanted to try their namesake flip flops, I knew it'd be more practical to choose something more weather appropriate. After browsing through all the styles and colors, I chose Donna in Natural Poncho ($80).

Yoga mat vs. Yoga mat soles

What makes Sanuk different is their "yoga mat" soles. That was definitely the first thing I noticed. The footbed is super soft and provides lots of cushioning! I feel like I'm wearing a spring board on the bottom of my feet. The outside fabric is in a trendy tribal print and nicely stitched together. I've been trying to invest in some better quality shoes while downsizing my collection so this quality pair fits right in. You can order from their online website with free shipping over $45. Or I've found Sanuk stocked at Little Burgundy.

#1- Casual Chic
I bought this faux fur vest in January this year but rarely found an outfit to wear it with. However, I found the best tip is just to wear head to toe in one color so the faux vest can stand out with no distraction. So I went with a navy long sleeve with classic denim colors. I also cuffed my jeans so the shoes can pop more. This is also a great tip for wearing with ankle boots or showcasing heels.

Without the faux fur vest, it would have been a super comfy and plain outfit. But with one trendy piece, I feel it makes it look like I put a lot of effort into my outfit.

Outfit Details
Navy Longsleeve: Hollister (similar)
Faux Fur Vest: Dynamite (similar
Denim: 7 For All Mankind (similar)

#2- Pre Game Day

When I saw these shoes, I knew it'd be great to wear for on the way to sports/working out. When I play volleyball, I like to wear sandals or boots on the way to the gym since I like to keep my shoes for indoor use only. So I did a super athletic look which is great for before and after the gym or even running around doing errands. 

Outfit Details
TNA Active Jacket (similar)
TNA Running Shorts (similar

#3- Sweater Weather

This look is for those that are more into feminine and flirty styles. I haven't had enough of summer clothes so I'm trying to make them go a bit longer into fall.  The easiest way is to layer a sweater on top of a dress and put on tights underneath to keep warm. For this one, I decided to use a skirt instead of a dress. The sweater is a mix of grey so it easily goes with any color underneath. To elongate the look, I just tucked a portion of the front into the dress.

I thought the Sanuk shoes had a nice summer vibe due to it's colorful print. But since it's closed toe, it keeps you much warmer than sandals would!

Outfit Details
Grey Sweater: Dynamite (similar)
Navy Skirt: Aritzia (similar

 Hope you enjoyed this! Which outfit is your favorite? What would you wear with these shoes?

On an unrelated note, I wore sunglasses as I didn't do my makeup that day and still wanted to look put together ^ ^

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