Sunday, October 2, 2016

Halloween Ready with Kiss Nails

Can you believe it's October already?! That means it's almost time for Halloween. I never have good ideas for costumes but I do like putting in little details in my makeup, hair, and nails to join in the festivities. Here are some picks from Kiss products that will bring chills and thrills to your beauty game!

First up we have some eye tattoos in the design of spider cowebs! You would apply this like any other temporary tattoo. First you cut the design to the desired shape and fit. Then peel off the plastic and dampen thoroughly. You can remove this with baby oil or facial cleanser.

I'm really excited to use this! I don't think the top portion will fit on my eyes but the bottom part is going to be so spooky! 

One option for nail art are the Nail Dress stickers. These nail wraps have been popular through the recent years. You would simply unwrap the size most similar to your nail size, press it down and file away the excess. If done correctly, the wraps fit perfectly against the nail bed and you can wear it for many days! However I find the application of this to take a bit longer and I have to really concentrate to get it right.

The design I have is called Frightful and is a red/black design with lots of spiders. This one would be really good if you had a fancy event to attend. The design is very intricate and has some sparkly elements.

Another option are the press-on nails from Kiss. These are the original products that Kiss is famous for. Each of the nails has an adhesive on the back already so you don't need to bother with glue. They are super easy to put on. However, usually there's a bit of a gap so I don't like wearing it for more than 2-3 days. It's definitely great for a one night or special occasion party though.

The two designs I have are Oh So Shriek and Ready to Scare. Both of these have glow in the dark designs so that's super cool! I think I will be wearing Oh So Shriek this year. The package inside has a good mix between matte blacks and ones with jackolatern faces.

Lastly there are nail stickers available if you only want to add a bit of an accent to your nails. These stickers can also be used for the body and it glows in the dark! The first sheet has some bigger stickers and I'd imagine these to be for the body. The second sheet has small items such as pumpkins, skulls, spiders which would be good to stick on the finger nail!

These little products are so fun to add to your look for Halloween! I have no idea what I'm going to be this year, but I know my nails and eyes are going to look spooky and fantastic with these products!

Do you have your costume ready? Would you wear Halloween inspired nails?

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