Sunday, October 23, 2016

Makeup Revolution Vivid Highlighter- Golden Lights Review & Demo

Last month, I introduced Makeup Revolution on this blog. It's a European brand that recently landed in London Drugs. They specialize in affordable palettes with very pigmented and trendy colors! Today's review will be their Vivid Baked Highlighter. I've been reaching for this a lot and it is now a favorite of mine!

Name: Makeup Revolution Vivid Highlighter
Shade: 3 Shades- I have Golden Lights
Price: $9.99
Size: 8.9g
Available at your London Drugs!

Packaging: On the outside, the packaging is not very impressive. It has a clear plastic top with a black plastic bottom. This is in line with the packaging of Makeup Revolution products. The size of this is bigger than your average blush.

However once you open it up, the product is so beautiful! The product has a spiral embossing and also a 3D effect. It really reminds me of the MAC extra dimension skinfinishes.

Color: In the pan, the product is quite white and has a hint of yellow undertone to it. However, once applied, the goldeness shows through more! The best part is when you blend it out. You really see the golden sheen come through and reflect in the light. It almost has a duochrome look to it where it is more white/yellow and then it turns golden when your skin hits the light! It's so flattering and great for prolonging a summer tan!

Formula: The weird part is that we usually equate smooth and creamy as synonyms for great products. When I swatch this with my fingers, the powder honestly feels dry and chalky. However, when I apply it to my cheeks, it looks absolutely flawless. It stays on for at least 8 hours on my cheeks and continues to give that brilliant reflective duochrome look.

My hands have a lot of lines :( It looks a lot smoother on my cheeks

This is my current favorite for days that I want a strong highlight. Also, since I've been more tanned, I find this golden glow even more flattering on my skin! For a casual day at the office, I can just use a lighter hand. But I love that it's so pigmented and reflective so when I want to pile on the highlighter, this product makes it easy! Overall, I highly recommend check this out!

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