Sunday, October 16, 2016

Revlon Photoready Insta-Fix Highlighting Stick Review & Demo- Pink Light

Revlon has a fantastic Photoready range that includes the cult favorite foundation, powder, and concealer. Now, they've also introduced a highlighting stick into the range! I received this product during the #LDBeauty event in the summer and it's still not very talked about yet. Now the weather is getting colder, I just want to keep my summer glow

Name: Revlon Photoready Insta-Fix Highlighting Stick
Shade: 2 Shades- Pink Light and Gold Light
Price: $13.99 USD at Ulta
Size: 8.9g
Available at your local drugstore

Packaging: Similar to the Photoready Insta-Fix makeup stick, the product is in a twist up tube form. The cap is color coded so Pink Light as a pale pink cover. The twist up feels flimsy. The first few twists makes it feel like the stick is going to fall off, it gets more secure once you start twisting up but the overall feeling is cheap.

Color: Pink Light is a very pale icy shades. It swatches almost silver and is very cool in color. I think this would look best on those that have more fair skin. Currently I'm very tanned and I feel like it contrasts too harshly against my skin. However, on photos it does provide a gorgeous highly reflective glow. See photos below.

Formula: The formula is very interesting and impressed me. It glides onto the skin very smoothly, never skipping or tugging. You would expect the formula to be very creamy but it's actually really thin. It feels absolutely weightless on the skin and lasts a good 4-6 hours. The thinness is nice as it doesn't feel like you are disturbing the makeup underneath the highlight. There is also no shimmer or glitter so there's no risks glitter falling to other parts of your face.

The other thing that surprised me is the way this product reflects. When I look straight on in the mirror I actually do not see the product at all. However, when I turn my head to catch the light, the highlight is in full force! 

As you can see, it provides a very strong reflective highlight. This shade isn't the best for my skin right now but I think Gold Light would look a lot better. I'm very impressed by the formula and I think it looks great in person and on camera!

The entire Photoready line is usually higher priced but at $13.99USD, this product is leaving the drugstore price range. I'd recommend to wait until you can find this on sale. I wish the packaging felt a bit more luxurious as then it would better complement the higher price tag.

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