Thursday, November 17, 2016

Introducing Fusion Beauty! Hair Growth Brow and Mascara?

One of the best things about blogging is discovering new products so it's always exciting when I introduce new brands to the blog! And today will be my first review of Fusion Beauty products! I've known them as the brand that sells the lash serum that stimulates lash growth. But they've slightly branched out and also created a few makeup products.

Browfusion Artist Duo
Filling Pencil + Fortifying Color Gel
3 shades: I have Brunette

I've only recently started taking more care on my brows! I've always had pretty full brows so I never bothered filling them in. Now I can see the difference of having them filled in and not so I try to do a quick over every day. I've mostly only used powder and pencil so far and they usually give a pretty natural look. This product is two sided, on one end, there is a pencil that twists up in a triangular shape and the other end is a brow gel.

The shape of the pencil is really nice as there's a wide surface for filling in large spaces. But then there is also a pointy tip for details. The pigmentation is great! It's not too strong but you also don't have to press very hard to get the color to show up. 

The other side is a brow gel. Fusion Beauty is known for creating long term results (aka growing out your lashes or brows). So this side of the product is suppose to be the fortifying formula containing a ton of ingredients to help your brows grow. The formula contains Pro-Vitamin B5, Red Clover Flower Extract, Peptide Blend, Rice Wax, which are all suppose to thicken the lashes.

I really like the pencil side but I'm not as big of a fan of the gel side. I find that my hairs look too flat after using this and also if I'm not careful, my brow hairs get crunchy. However, this combo does last forever, I think once I wore it for over 24 hours because I didn't wash my face :S hah!

Overall I didn't see any growth or differences in my brow hairs. The pencil side did a really nice job and I'm always happy with the results. However, the price is extremely high and since I only like half of it, the value is not great.

Lash Fusion XXL
Dramatically Volumizing Mascara- Waterproof

This mascara is suppose to volumize and lengthen but also condition and encourage lash enhancement! I think it's very hard to measure things such as lash growth as it would be in such a small scale. So I haven't noticed any differences.

However, as a mascara it is really great! The shape of the brush works really well to first lengthen and separate all the lashes! Then I can go into the inner and outer corners with the tip of the wand. It also is waterproof as I wore this on vacation in Cuba and never had trouble with smudging. The pricing of this is more in line with high end mascaras and there's a ton of product in here! I really like this and would recommend if you want to try your luck with lash enhancement in your mascara.

There are two other products I'm still waiting to test out. I just have way too many mascaras open right now and didn't want to be so wasteful. One of them is the Lash Fusion Armour which is a black tinted lash primer. The other is a lengthening mascara in a fiber formula. I'm excited to try both! I haven't used a mascara primer in a long time and I've never found one I liked so I will have to keep you guys posted on how this one goes.

Have you heard of Fusion Beauty before? Let me know about any new brands you recently discovered!

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