Thursday, November 3, 2016

Korres Skin Care: Wild Rose + Castanea Arcadia Collection

Korres is a really well known skincare brand that focuses on natural ingredients. No one can really pronounce Korres but I'll go with kor-rez. I remember wanting to try the brand but Sephora pulled them a few years ago. Now it's back at Shoppers Drug Mart and I'm excited to share with you some products that are new to the brand.

The Korres Wild Rose collection is one of their best sellers and this year they came out with two new items to supplement the collection. 

Brightening Targeted Tone Corrector- $60

This treatment is suppose to reduce the appearance of dark spots, even skin tone and improve skin radiance. I have a couple of dots on my face that I desperately want to get rid of. But I keep hearing mixed comments from dermatologists. Some say that they are moles and can't be removed and some say laser treatment would work. Either way, I still get excited when I see products that will reduce dark spots.

The serum contains a ton of ingredients such as Wild Rose Oil for cellular regeneration, French Sea Fern active to decrease excess pigment formation and Sand Lily extract to inhibit the formation and transfer of melanin. These all sound great but I guess what I have isn't meant for this as I did not see any results after using it for 2 weeks. 

It does seem to get good reviews for those with acne scaring so that may be worth a try! But it didn't quite work for me.

Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil- $75

The other exciting product to be added to the Wild Rose line up is this facial oil featuring lots of pretty rose petals in the bottle. This product is a modernized version of the bestselling original product and the first ingredient used in the Korres.

The product promises brightening, tone repairing, and fine line reduction, while soothing and nourishing for a supple, radiant, youthful complexion that glows with health. It can be worn alone, with serums and moisturizers, or mixed into moisturizer for a dewy glow.

I'm not a big fan of facial oils as I don't like the feeling on my hands after I pat the product in. This did make my face feel supple but I didn't notice any brightening effects. Additionally I don't think this was hydrating enough on its own and I noticed some skin flakes after a few days. I do love the packaging though and it is gorgeous to display on the vanity.

New for Fall 2016, Korres released a new collection called Castanea Arcadia. This collection features a new ingredient called Lupeol which contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and skin regenerative properties.. Korres discovered a way to encase Lupeol inside a hyluronic acid shell so it can penetrate the skin and this collection was born!

The collection features a day cream, night cream and eye cream. I have been using this for about 3 weeks now and although I do not have wrinkles or other visible signs of aging, I feel an improvement in my skin texture. I wake up feeling tons of elasticity and bounce in my skin particularly in my cheeks!

All of the products have an earthy aromatic scent. It's a bit like honey and olives and other earthy things. My boyfriend even complimented that my face smells good!

Wrinkle Rewind Day Cream- $65

The day cream includes other natural ingredients such as: Abyssinia oil, Apricot oil, olive oil esters, , sweet almond butter, essential fatty acids, and vitamins A, C, and E for increased hydration. The cream is very light and fluffy in texture.

It absorbs quickly and is ideal for use before makeup application.

Wrinkle Rewind Night Cream - $80

The night cream is a lot thicker and has a velvety texture. The other natural ingredients include jojoba oil, chamomile oil and apricot oil. I mostly wash my face at night time so this one gets used a lot more than the day cream. It really does make a difference and I can feel my skin feeling healthy and supple the morning after.

It feels very hydrating without feeling greasy or oily. I have dry skin so I find this is fantastic for keeping my skin moisturized. 

Wrinkle Rewind Eye Cream- $60

The eye cream comes with a pump which is great for keeping things hygienic. It is aimed to lift, smooth and firm the delicate skin around the eye, while reducing sagging and brightening skin tone. I haven't really noticed any effect but it is a very nice product to have to moisturize the eye area.

I usually only need half a pump for each eye. I especially love using this after I remove eye makeup and feel that I have irritated the area.

Overall my favorite product is the Castanea Arcadia Night Cream. I feel like it really does make a difference in my skin the next day. And although the Wild Rose Brightening Oil didn't work out for me, it is very popular among online reviews and might be worth giving a try! It also looks amazing on the bathroom counter or on a vanity.

What are your favorite items from Korres? Do you usually stick to one brand for skin care? 

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