Thursday, November 10, 2016

New Products from GOSH: Review & Demo

If you've ever shopped at Shoppers, you might have noticed Gosh Cosmetics. It's a brand exclusive to Shoppers but with it's sleek black packaging, it can get lost in the aisles. Also, I'm surprised there's so little talk on the internet about them as they have some really decent stuff! A bunch of new products are added to their core collection, so I'm here today to give an overview!

Overnight Primer Oil- $22

If you've read any of my previous skincare posts, you might know that I'm not a big fan of facial oils. I just find that they don't absorb super well and that I hate how greasy my hands feel. This facial oil is pretty similar. It contains french lavender, blackcurrant seed, argan, and jojoba oil. So there's definitely a lot of great stuff inside but I didn't see a difference. I love the squeeze drop applicator though!  3/5

#Foundationdrops- $26
004 Natural

I've always seen CoverFX foundations with a dropper and have always been intrigued. This foundation is meant for a buildable coverage with a silky flawless finish. The product feels very watery out of the drop but it does contain quite a bit of oil inside. I usually squeeze a couple of drops directly on my face and then either blend it out with my fingers or with a brush. The shade is a bit light for me right now but it'd be great in the winter time. It covers up my redness really well and it feels like I'm not wearing any foundation!  5/5

Primer Plus Skin Perfector- $25

I have dry skin so I hate silicon type of primers. Luckily this is not that type! It contains sea buckthorn to moisturize the skin and pearl pigments to achieve a healthy glow. I like the feeling of putting this on but the shade is very light. Right now if I use it all over the face, it would make me look too ghostly. So this would be good for lighter skins and if you have dry skin. Since the primer has a bit of color in it, it does lightly even out my skin. However, the price is really high and it performs similar to as if I just put on some moisturizer.  3/5

Lumi Drops- $17

This product is quite innovative. It is a liquid highlighter that is squeezed out of a tip. It is suppose to give skin refreshed luminosity and radiance. There are three shades available: Vanilla, Peach, and Bronze. I think this product has a limited use but I do really enjoy it. Since it's a liquid formula, it may be a bit finnicky if you have powder products below or on top. However, this is so great for days if I just put on tinted moisturizer and want to add a bit of glow too my face. There is no glitter and it gives a beautiful lit from with-in look.  4/5

Contour N'Strobe Kit- $32

The sculpting and strobing trend is still in full force, so this product capitalizes on that. There is one matte contour shade, one bronzer, one blush, and one highlight. The shades are all soft and buttery but the color pay off is pretty light. The contour is a great color and this shows up nicely. However, the other three shades are a bit too light for my skin color right now and it's difficult to get it to show up. I do like that all three shades are shimmery but there isn't visible glitter and there is very minimal fall out. There is a medium shade available for deeper skin tones.  4/5

Brow Sculpting Fibre Gel- $17

This gel adds volume while nourishing brow hairs. It contains bladderwrack seaweed which is suppose to contain high levels of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. I only recently started using brow gels and I'm not sure if I'm even using it correctly. First I'll do light upward strokes and I can definitely see the fibers on the wand. Then I'd brush it all down. However, I also brush the wand against my actual skin to deposit color in order to shape the brows. Is this suppose to be done? Either way it results in a nice natural sculpted look!  4/5

Eyebrow Pencil- $16

I'm pretty traditional when it comes to eyebrows and have mostly worked with pencils. The shade is slightly light and red for me so it looks off on camera. The pigmentation is soft so you do not need to worry about harsh lines. I love that there's a brush on the other end to help tame the look. However, there is nothing too special about it and the shade was clearly not good for me.. 3/5

Forever Matt Eye Shadow Stick- $14

The Gosh Forever Lip Shines are some of my favorite lip crayons. Now they came out with a similar packaging but for eyeshadow and I love it!! The shade Nougat is so perfect to swipe all over the lid and you can apply a second layer on areas that you want to deepen. The fact that you don't need a brush and the product is in a slim tube makes it so perfect for tossing in your purse. Usually eyeshadows are difficult to reapply at work but this changes things! The product is so creamy, pigmented, and just overall fantastic. There are three other matte neutral shades available.  5/5

Rebel Eyes Long Wear Volume Mascara- $17

This mascara is also new to the collection containing Sea Bckthron seed oil to protect lashes. The brush is quite interesting as it is curved with short rubber bristles. The formula is a bit on the wet side and I think those with straight lashes will find it hard to keep a curl. I liked using the outside of the curve to push my lashes up. It gave decent volume and length but there are some other drugstore mascaras that are cheaper and also do a great job. 3/5

Giant Pro Liner- $16
Blacker than Black

Packaged like a sharpie, I expected this liner to pack a punch! The pigmented is definitely black and it has a lot of "juice" for a lack of better word. However, I found the shape to be too thick for my eye, and I would accidentally hit my skin if I'm doing a winged look. Also something in this formula stings my skin momentarily when I first apply it. Although it hasn't irritated my skin, it's a bit of a an inconvenience. 2/5

Wearing Forever Matt Shadowstick + Giant Pro Liner + Rebel Eyes Mascara

9 Shades to be Cool in Copenhagen- $20

First up, is this sleek all matte eyeshadow palette. The shades are inspired by the coolness and colours of the Nordic Lights. The palette is gorgeous to look at and has a nice range of light, medium, and dark shades. The shades are soft and have medium pigmentation. However the first row and also the first column are a bit too light and look ashy on my skin tone. I do really enjoy the bottom four shades and they blend out easily. This would be an extremely good value and nice quality palette for lighter skinned girls. 4/5

*excuse the crazy colored brow*

Velvet Touch Matt Lipstick - $14
Matt Cinnamon

There are four fall appropriate shades that are released. The formula is really pigmented and provides full coverage in just one swipe. It's not a completely matte finish which I like. There's definitely no shine but it provides a bit more dimension to the lips. I also absolutely ADORE the shade I have. It's similar to my own lip color but with more brown. It's such a perfect shade for the season! The product contains bee wax, carnauba wax and candelilla wax. 5/5

Velvet Touch Lip Liner- $10

I don't often use lip liners, but if I did, I would pick this one. The shade is a perfect match for Matt Cinnamon. The color glides on easily but stays put! I like that I can draw slightly outside of my liplines to create a bigger lip look. You can even use this on it's own as a lipstick for a super long lasting color. The product contains Vitamin E and jojoba oil. 5/5

Velvet Touch Matt Lipstick, Velvet Touch Lip Liner

As you can see, there are a ton of new products in the Gosh Cosmetics range. My top picks are the Velvet Touch Matt Lipstick, Velvet Touch Lip Liner, #Foundationdrops, and the Forever Matt Eye Shadow Sticks. These products performed way above their price tag and would be really great additions to your makeup routine!!

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