Thursday, December 29, 2016

Top 6 Makeup Must Haves - 2016 Favorites!!

I never really do favorites round ups as I feel like everyone has such different preferences. But for the end of 2016, I'm bringing you my top 6 makeup items of the year! I think I've actually done a full review for each of these products so I will link it below. These are products that really exceeded my expectations and things I've been reaching for constantly this year!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

2017 Beauty Blogging Goals

Each year that goes by, I'm amazed at how far my blogging has taken me. Of course, I'm a tiny blog in the grand scheme of things but this has exceeded all my expectations when I started taking photos in my dorm room. Now that the year is almost over, I wanted to create some goals for next year and look back on 2016!

I almost achieved all of my goals in 2016 which included: 1000 followers on Instagram, 100K views on Blogpost, 700 followers on Bloglovin. The only one I'm missing on is 1000 followers on Twitter, and I'm about 8 people away!  I know these are mostly followers based so I'd like to make some more broad goals for 2017.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Subscription Box: Scent Trunk (Customized Fragrance!)

The beauty community is now filled with various subscription boxes all promising something different but end up being the same. I've actually never really signed up for any as I already have a lot of products to work through at home and I rarely see any boxes that I love all of the content. Today though I'm bringing you my experience with a different type of subscription box!

Scent Trunk is set out to create niche cologne/perfume that's customized based on your preference! I had a lot of fun working together with them, and I thought I'd walk you through the experience.

To get started, Scent Trunk sends you their Fit Kit which contains 6 single note fragrances. It's actually free to try with a $4.95 shipping which is amazing value as you can also wear these on it's own. So the scents in these are: Citrus, Woody, Amber, Floral, Chypre, Aromatic. They are very pure smelling and helps to isolate what type of notes you prefer in a perfume.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Products I Want to Finish + Pan that Palette Finale 2016

At the beginning of the year, I made a list of items I wanted to finish  I thought I'd recap and see which ones I actually accomplished. A green tickmark is showing that I finished, a red cross is I've decluttered it out of my collection. An orange cross is decluttered but I made a really good attempt at using it up! Also I've linked reviews to any items I've previously featured on the blog so you can get an indepth look!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Best Stocking Stuffers- Under $20

Can you believe it's only 10 more days until Christmas?! I never thought this year went by fast until December hit. If you are still looking to get a small gift for a best friend, coworker, relative and they are beauty/fashion lovers, check out my four picks below and they are all under $20!

#1 Burt's Bees Kissable Colors Trio- $9.99

Burt's bees are my favorite lip balms and these lip shimmers are interestingly enough some of the first products I reviewed on my blog (do not judge my photos, I've come a long way). They go on smooth and disguises any dry flakes on the lips and have medium pigmentation! All three colors looked great on me and it's packaged in a cute chunky sweater patterned box, all ready for gift giving!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Dermalogica Power Rescue Masque Trio

Let's continue the holiday beauty products with a fun gift set from Dermalogica! The power rescue masque trio contains three masks to purify, sooth, and hydrate the skin. This could not have come at a better time as my skin has been through quite a bit! I found out that I passed the CFE (final exam for CPA) this week and its been 3 continuous days of celebrations.  The excess alcohol and not taking off my makeup properly has led to some stressed skin!

This set retails for $80 and contains
-Charcoal Rescue Mask 38mL
-Multivitamin Power Recovery Mask 38mL
-Skin Hydrating Mask 38mL

The regular size of these masks are 75mL and retails between $58-69. You are saving about $13 in the set but I love that you have three types of masks  for different occasions. 

I first used Dermalogica about 4 years ago when my mom brought home some products from the spa she goes to.  I have found Dermalogica products in general to be very effective and actually perform what is claimed. I was really excited to give these three items a try.

Charcoal Rescue Masque- The main benefit of this is to draw out impurities to brighten and smooth lackluster skin. The product is a grey color as expected with some exfoliants inside. It has a minty smell that was pleasant. I kept this on for 7 mins and it tightened the skin. I find with cream masks it's usually a chore to wash it off, this still took a while although not the worst. My skin felt SO SMOOTH and supple afterwards so this was definitely effective.

Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque- This mask is aimed to rejuvenate photodamaged skin to reduce visible signs of skin aging. I don't have too many concerns with aging skin but it's never too early to protect right? There was a hint of banana scent in this mask and it was a very smooth texture. It applied easily and does not dry down as you keep it on your skin. It also resulted in such supple, clear, and smooth skin. I love it so much!

Skin Hydrating Masque- I haven't used this one yet but it will come in handy this winter as I have very dry skin. This mask is meant to relieve excess dryness and reduces visible dehydration lines. It is a clear gel texture and I didn't notice any scent.

I usually like to do sheet masks as a relaxation but they are usually not that effective. These masks really make a huge difference in your skin in just 10 mins. I would highly highly recommend trying out this set if you want to have some instant pick me ups in your skincare cabinet.

You can find other limited edition Dermalogica holiday sets online!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fresh Lip Entourage Set- Holiday Gift

Last month, I shared with you guys the Fresh Skincare Treasures Set. Today, I have photos of the Sugar Lip Entourage set! For those who like taking an extra step with their lip care, you will love this set! The set retails for $58 and has a value of $78!

The box is in a pretty pink/red/gold design that makes it clear it's a festive present. On one side, there is a large bow and you can pull on it to drag out the tray. The box is quite sturdy so I've already repurposed it as an over flow makeup storage box!

The five products included in this kit are:
- Sugar Nourishing Lip Balm Advanced Therapy  3g
 - Sugar Lip Polish 8g
 - Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Nude 2.2g
 - Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Rosé  2.2g
 - Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy 5mL

None of these are full size but will last you quite a while even with daily use!

If you haven't tried fresh lip balms before, the texture is very different from your traditional lip balm! They are a lot softer and creamier. You can feel a thicker layer on your lips but it's not sticky in any way. It's a really nice formulation especially when your lips are dry. They also contain SPF and smells delicious.

Rose on the left and Nude on the right

I've tried the Rose shade several times already as it seems to be in a lot of Sephora kits! I remember thinking it was too pigmented but actually now that I tried it again, I find it to be just a hint of pink which is quite pretty for every day.

 I was really excited to try the Nude shade as it looked deeper with a brown tone which was promising. However, I think it's still a bit too light for me and slightly washes me out. It is a peachy nude shade with a slight golden shimmer.

I really enjoyed the lip serum during nights when my lips were so chapped! There's suppose to be anti-aging properties which is difficult to detect. But the serum itself is silky and smooth. It feels very nourishing and moisturizing!

The Nourishing Lip Balm was nice but I really dislike lip balm in a pot. I feel like I'd need to wash my hands before applying each time which would be quite inconvenient! 

The Sugar Lip Polish is a cult favorite and for good reason. It smells so delicious (sweet lemons) that I have to resist very hard not to lick it up! It helps to remove dead skin and increase blood flow so you are left with plump smooth lips!

Overall this is great value as fresh rarely ever have items on sale! It'll give you all the tools you need for a flake free lip during the winter season! You can find this set at Sephora in store and online!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Quo Holiday Collection Preview

It's officially December and only 20 days away from Christmas! To continue the holiday gift posts, I bring you a preview of some Quo holiday gift sets that are now available at Shoppers Drug Mart! They actually have over 20 different gift sets available and would be a great option for beauty lovers in your life!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Black Friday Haul 2016: Aritzia, Indigo, Sephora

Black Friday was only a week ago but it feels like a long time has passed. I didn't necessarily buy these on Black Friday but it was all on sale around that time! Although you probably can't get these deals anymore, you can create some wishlists for Boxing Day or it's never to late to make a wishlist for next year!

This year, Aritzia had a Black Five-day sale that ran from Thursday (Thanksgiving)- Monday (Cyber Monday). There were a select amount of fall/winter items at 50% off . I'm glad not all the sale items were crazy and they even had blanket scarves too! The rest of the store had sales around 10-30% off which is also good if you were just stocking up on a particular design.