Thursday, December 15, 2016

Best Stocking Stuffers- Under $20

Can you believe it's only 10 more days until Christmas?! I never thought this year went by fast until December hit. If you are still looking to get a small gift for a best friend, coworker, relative and they are beauty/fashion lovers, check out my four picks below and they are all under $20!

#1 Burt's Bees Kissable Colors Trio- $9.99

Burt's bees are my favorite lip balms and these lip shimmers are interestingly enough some of the first products I reviewed on my blog (do not judge my photos, I've come a long way). They go on smooth and disguises any dry flakes on the lips and have medium pigmentation! All three colors looked great on me and it's packaged in a cute chunky sweater patterned box, all ready for gift giving!

The three shades in this set are: Fig, Peony, and Rhubarb. Fig is the shade I reviewed over four years ago on this blog! It's a dark brown red that is very flattering on the lips. Peony is a medium toned nude and has a bit of metallic finish. Rhubarb is a classic berry red and beautiful during the winter time.

#2- Kiss Polish Pop

To spice up your nail look, Kiss Polish Pops are the easiest ways to come up with very impressive manicures without any skill. Each pack comes with 8 full size nail stickers and also a ton of decorative colors.  I've done a review on these before on the blog as well and loved the results I was able to get. This theme is so amazing for NYE and winter time!

The waterless nail tattoos are similar except the entire pack is decrative stickers. I really like the feathery designs and think this is a very fun gift!

#3- Lisa Q of Sweden Bling String - $15

Chokers are all the rage currently so I was super excited to be contacted by Lisa Q of Sweden to view their collection of accessories. Their products are called bling strings and are meant to be worn in many different ways! The cool thing is that the chokers come in all sorts of colors whereas the ones I see in the mall are usually in black! They also come with a tassel to add a bit more flair!

#4- TheFaceShop Holiday Beauty Blender Trio- $12

I had to add this in because it's currently on sale for $12 and you get a trio of beauty blenders in a super cute package! I love my beauty blender but hate washing it all the time and having three on hand would be awesome. The advent calender is also currently on sale for $27 which is an amazing deal! You can find these in store or online!

How's your holiday shopping going? What are your favorite gifts to give/receive under $20?

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