Thursday, December 1, 2016

Black Friday Haul 2016: Aritzia, Indigo, Sephora

Black Friday was only a week ago but it feels like a long time has passed. I didn't necessarily buy these on Black Friday but it was all on sale around that time! Although you probably can't get these deals anymore, you can create some wishlists for Boxing Day or it's never to late to make a wishlist for next year!

This year, Aritzia had a Black Five-day sale that ran from Thursday (Thanksgiving)- Monday (Cyber Monday). There were a select amount of fall/winter items at 50% off . I'm glad not all the sale items were crazy and they even had blanket scarves too! The rest of the store had sales around 10-30% off which is also good if you were just stocking up on a particular design.

I knew I wanted a chunky turtle neck so I went for this TNA Temuco Sweater. Original $125 and on sale for $67.50. The sweater is 100% wool and I've worn it so much since I bought it!

This was an impulse purchase that had no real reason. This is the Wilfred Free Trebeck Skirt. Retailing for $60 and on sale for $29.99. I just don't have any light colored skirts and thought it'd be cute for NYE or other winter parties.

Although the sale was only 5 days long, a lot of the sale items actually remained discounted online. So if you are fancying a deal, check out their sale section. I want to pick up more items during boxing day but I actually don't really know what I need!


I'm really sad that so many Chapters have closed but glad that I can still find goodies online. My current agenda was on it's last month so I wanted to order an agenda. I've heard so many great things about Ban.Do planners that I had my eyes set on it. Luckily this Ban.Do one was actually on sale as it started in August 2016. It retails for $26 and on sale for $18. There's stickers and pretty designs but actually it's not very life changing!

I also got a dry erase board that is a to-do list. I thought this would be awesome for keeping track of my blogging to-do. The design is really cute, it's magnetic, and comes with a pen/eraser. Retails $12.50 and on sale for $4.50.

Then I got a little crazy in the sale section and ordered a bunch of candles. Indigo themselves actually has an Indigo Scents brand. The candles smell great and the packaging is nice too! There was a bit of a mix up in my order though and one of the candles got lost. I contacted customer service and they let me pick any candle instead which was awesome as I was only shopping in the sale section.

The ones I picked were:
-Mug Candle Hot Apple Cider ($19.50 was a replacement)
-Mimosa Mango Blossom ($9.50 down from $19.50)
-Shades of Blue Morocco ($4 down from $10)


Last and not least, we have the Sephora picks! I have so much makeup to test out at home but I couldn't resist the Black Friday sets. I love little travel sets as it's a great way to try out different products. They had approximately 10 different sets ranging from $12-$40.

Living Proof- $13

I am obsessed with the prime style extender! It really makes my hair stay clean for longer. I've been out of my previous bottle for a while now and this set was almost cheaper than just buying the primer! I haven't tried the hair spray yet but I have high hopes.

Tocca Perfume- $12

Tocca seems like such an elegant brand and I love their bottles/scents. I get bored of one scent pretty quick so I thought a 5mL spray would be the perfect amount of time to use a scent before I want to switch to the next. My current favorite is Simone which is fresh and floral.

Sephora Rose Skin Trio- $13

Lastly I needed makeup wipes so I figured I'd just get this set with a face mask and sleeping pod. The wipe smells really nice and was actually quite saturated. I tried the sleeping pod and it felt very moisturizing but sticky for about an hour. Also it's meant to be a one time use and I'm pretty sure it will last me 3 times.

Overall I spent just under $200 which is not bad for how many new items I picked up! Did you do any shopping this Black Friday? Any good deals I should know about? I'm in the market for flats and pumps!

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