Thursday, December 22, 2016

Subscription Box: Scent Trunk (Customized Fragrance!)

The beauty community is now filled with various subscription boxes all promising something different but end up being the same. I've actually never really signed up for any as I already have a lot of products to work through at home and I rarely see any boxes that I love all of the content. Today though I'm bringing you my experience with a different type of subscription box!

Scent Trunk is set out to create niche cologne/perfume that's customized based on your preference! I had a lot of fun working together with them, and I thought I'd walk you through the experience.

To get started, Scent Trunk sends you their Fit Kit which contains 6 single note fragrances. It's actually free to try with a $4.95 shipping which is amazing value as you can also wear these on it's own. So the scents in these are: Citrus, Woody, Amber, Floral, Chypre, Aromatic. They are very pure smelling and helps to isolate what type of notes you prefer in a perfume.

You then fill out a little work sheet and let Scent Trunk know whether you Love, Like, or Nope each of the notes. For me, I loved 1 and 5, liked 3, and noped 2, 4, and 6. Each of the scents has a rollerball for easy application and you can definitely wear them on it's own or layered together. You then just send a photo of the work sheet to the Scent Trunk team and they will start creating your own fragrance!

It took about 1.5 weeks for me to send in my photo and receiving this fragrance which is pretty quick! The products come in these sleek white boxes which I love and makes it so easy to photograph. The monthly portion is $11.99 and you can modify your scent each month or keep receiving the same ones. There's also no cancellation fees so you don't have to feel locked in!

Based on my preferences, my type was Citrus Chypre. I actually had no idea Chypre is a type of scent and it is a family of scent that has a citrus top note contrasted with a woody base. Clearly I love citrus! The perfume that was created is exactly a mix of Citrus and Chypre. It is a bit more woody than I expected but I do enjoy it and I love that this experience helps you to push the boundaries to try scents you might accidentally pass up on.

The scent comes in a cute travel sized spray and will definitely last you the month. I believe they will send you a different fragrance based on your existing preference so that each month you will have something different. Currently they are only shipping to US customers. I found the entire experience truly enjoyable and different so definitely give this a try if you are in the market for a unique fragrance!

You can also find them on Twitter and Instagram

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