Thursday, December 29, 2016

Top 6 Makeup Must Haves - 2016 Favorites!!

I never really do favorites round ups as I feel like everyone has such different preferences. But for the end of 2016, I'm bringing you my top 6 makeup items of the year! I think I've actually done a full review for each of these products so I will link it below. These are products that really exceeded my expectations and things I've been reaching for constantly this year!

#1- Stila Perfectly Poreless Putty Perfector

First off, we have the Stila Perfectly Poreless Putty Perfector in Medium. This is actually a repeat favorites as it was featured last year as well! However, this year I started using it with the beautyblender and have fallen in love with it again! The coverage is light-medium but definitely buildable. However, the product is so thin and you can barely detect it even up close! It's been a bit harder to use recently as my skin has been so dry! But for normal skin, this would build a beautiful canvas for your face.

#2- Makeup Revolution Vivid Highlighter in Golden Lights

2016 has all been about the glow and this product can totally help you achieve that! Makeup Revolution just launched in London Drugs this year and you have to check them out! Although I would never wear an "Instagram face" out in public, I love the golden glow this highlighter gives. It looks very pale in the pan, but is a beautiful golden sheen when your cheeks catch the light. It's my most "in your face" highlighter but is still wearable!

#3- Too Faced Love Flush Palette

I feel bad for including a product that you can no longer get in my favorites list but this is seriously the bomb. I was first drawn to it by it's packaging and the variety of colors. This really helped me identify that reds/pinks are not my blush colors. My two most used in this palette are "Baby Love" which is a nude rose, and "I Will Always Love You" which is a golden peach. I find these two colors make me look healthy without looking like I have red cheeks. The formula is fantastic: pigmented and lasts a very long time!

#4- Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue Palette

A second product from Stila! They are such an underrated brand with tons of quality products. Stila introduced the Perfect Me Perfect Hue palette this year which features 5 eyeshadows and 2 cheek products. Instead of focusing around a color theme, the shades are curated to flatter a certain skin tone. I love the versatility of this palette and have been bringing this for any overnight trips or days I need to re-do my makeup. All the items are smooth, pigmented, and blendable! Other than the bright pink blush, everything is super flattering on me and very wearable.

Available at Sephora- $51

#5- Annabelle Big Show Mascara

Most mascaras work pretty well on me but some gives me major lashes that makes me wonder how long can it go? The Annabelle Bigshow Mascara does just that! It grabs each lash and keeps extending it every time I brush the wand through. I don't experience any clumping or flaking when I wear this. It also adds volume and is dark enough to be dramatic!

Available at your local drugstore.

#6- DHC Liquid Liner

I used to be a strictly pencil liner girl but since using this, I don't know if I can go back! The DHC Liquid Eyeliner has a firm tip but is also flexible enough to follow your eye contours easily. I don't necessarily do a cat eye but I do make a small flick and the pen can draw very thin lines which I appreciate. I also haven't had any issues with drying out even though I've been using it for almost a year (6 months consistently). There's a bit of feathering happening right now but I think it's because I closed the cap on the tip accidentally. It's not the boldest black, but just the right shade and it stays on all day!! It really ticks all the boxes of a good eyeliner.

Have you tried any of these items on my list? I know most are not as well known but hopefully it perked your interest in some of these products!

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