Thursday, January 26, 2017

Empties #1 2017

Cleaning out my empties basket is one of the best feelings for me! Am I crazy or anyone else experience this? Anyways, here are the items I've recently finished up and a mini review!

Neutrogena Makeup Remover :)- These were effective, and contained the right amount of wetness.

Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder :)- This is a powder that turns into a creamy foam when it contacts water. It has a beautiful natural scent and I enjoyed the result.

Estee Edit Pink Peony Overnight Water Pack :/ - I liked the light scent but didn't think this was moisturizing enough.

THEFACESHOP Mild Papaya Peeling :) - This is suppose to remove dead skin cells and is super fun to use because it balls up and you feel like you are getting rid of all the dead dry skin!

Sephora Rose Sleeping Mask :) - I liked this a lot more than I thought I would. It's suppose to be a single use but lasted me at least 5 times. Nice refreshing water pack type of product.

Bioderma Hydrabio Micelle Solution :)- This stuff is the bomb! It takes off everything so well and gentle on the skin! Definitely want to repurchase!

Sephora Rose Face Mask :/ - Nice and relaxing but doesn't do too much! I will probably never spend over $2 on a sheet mask!

Essence I love Extreme Volume Mascara :(- The formula was too thick and caused clumping

Fusion Beauty Brow Fusion Artist Duo :/- This was really easy to use to fill in the brows but the last little bit fell off and since it's so expensive I'm not sure if it's worth it.

MAC Creamsheen Glass in Narcissus :)- I love this color, it's scary purple in the tube but such a flattering berry on my lips! It's also very glossy!

Fresh Tinted Lip Treatment in Fig :(- I love fresh lip treatments but this particular shade has glitter and the color wears off before the glitter and is not that flattering!

DW Home Tobacco Leaf & Sandalwood Candle :/- Got this from Winners and love the container but I had a bad burn with an off center wick. Long burn time though!

Soap & Glory Hand Food in Smoothie Star :( - Wasn't a fan of the scent and was difficult to get all the product out.

Living Proof Prime Style Extender :) - Love this stuff! Keeps my hair clean for longer!! Already repurchased.

Fable Naturals Apricot + Olive Nourishing Body Oil :)- I thought I would hate it but it smelled so fresh and fruity and also absorbed pretty quickly!

EOS Shave Cream in Vanilla Bliss :) - I love this much more than foaming shaving creams, it's more moisturizing and luxurious feeling!

Up & Up 100% Acetone :/- I think this is more harsh than my current 100% acetone but can that even be possible? 

I finished so many teas recently due to the cold weather and me being sick for a while! I think I surprisingly loved all of them:

-Peanut Butter Cup (Fruit Infusion): Nutty and chocolatey, good for before bed
-Raspberry Cream Pie (Rooibos): Creamy with a hint of tartness
-Monk's Blend (White Tea): Light flavor with a creamy finish
-White Nectarine (White Tea): Super fresh and fruity
-Juicy Orange (Black Tea): Exactly like biting into an orange

However, I'm noticing that a lot of the teams have natural or artificial flavoring which I'm not crazy about. If you have loose leaf tea recommendations, let me know!

What have you finished up recently? I think this year I'll keep a separate bag with all my makeup empties and do a count at the end of the year!

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