Sunday, January 15, 2017

Teeez Cosmetics Serial Lip Stain in Faux Pas Review & Swatches

I introduced teeez cosmetics on the blog last year, and I am always amazed by their intricate packaging! Recently they released the Fashion Vendetta collection and one of the items is a lip stain. I actually never got into lip stains as I don't love matte colors on my lips and I enjoy the process of reapplying! But I know they are all the rage, so I was excited to give this one a try! This product is available at Hudson's Bay for $28.

Packaging: I was really drawn to the packaging of this product! It is a square shaped acrylic packaging with a very abstract print. The print is actually of a skull but if you don't look closely, it just looks like water color. There is a small mirror on the lid but you can't look in the mirror at the same time you are applying. Overall I really love how it looks and it would be a vanity display item for sure.

Color: The outer box made the color look like a deep brown but the shade is surprisingly wearable. There's a lot of rosiness that peeks through and if you use a light hand it's more of a deep rosy nude. If you build it up more, then it's a dark brown with purple undertones. The color is opaque and very pigmented!

Lasting Power: The claims are that it is long lasting and this is definitely true! It takes about a minute for the product to dry down and after that it is on! I can easily drink coffee on white lids and not leave a stain. If I wipe my mouth with a napkin, I do wipe off some of the color. But I can easily go 4 hours without needing to touch up. I've worn it to work out once and it looked same going in and coming out! 

White mug test!

Formula: Unfortunately even with the beautiful color and lasting power, I am not a fan of this formula! As you can see, it kind of sets into my lip lines and even the lines on my hands, it gives an elephant skin like appearance unless I'm smiling. It's very light weight feeling which is good but it does make my lips feel dry. Also the formula is made of very small particles which helps the lasting power, but it gets a bit messy and you find flakey bits of pigment on your teeth.

I think I'm still not on the lip stain train! I love pigmented lips but I also enjoy the shine that comes with it. The packaging is gorgeous though so I will probably have it on display. There are a few other teeez products I like a lot better, including their lush sheer lipstick!

What are your thoughts on liquid lipsticks and lip stains?

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