Sunday, January 1, 2017

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette- Looks + Inspiration for Asian Eyes

Happy 2017!! Can you believe that it's the new year already? I'm starting off this year with a pretty highly talked about product in the market- the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. I'm sure you've all seen swatches and reviews online, so I won't repeat all that information again! However, when I tried to look for inspirations on what looks to do, none of them flatter Asian eyes.

So I thought I'd compile 3 looks and share some ideas to fully utilize all the shades in this palette!

There are 18 shades in this palette and most of them are very warm toned. People complained about lack of peach shades but I do think there's a good variety. I mean, how flattering would a true pastel orange look on your eyes. The quality is fantastic especially over a primer. The pan sizes are quite small though only .95g per shade. This will make it easy for me to pan though as this will be my Pan that Palette challenge for 2017!

Look #1- 3 Minutes

The first combination is a classic look that would be good for going out during the day or doing errands when you need to look put together. The combination is using Charmed, I'm Sure blended in the crease and then either Luscious or Bellini on the lid depending on how pink you want the look. 

I also lined my top and bottom lash line with Tempting. It just gives a soft definition.

So first, I blended out Charmed, I'm Sure on a fluffy brush just above my eyelid crease. Then I patted down Bellini on my lid up to where it creases. I wish the pink would show more on camera but this gives a gorgeous sheen. Then I go back with only a little bit more Charmed, I'm Sure and re blend above the eyelid crease.

Look #2- 1 Minute

I considered not writing about this as it's a simple one color eyeshadow look. But realistically, this is what most of the population wears on a normal day to day basis! I'd like to bridge that divide of makeup looks you see on blogs versus makeup looks you can actually wear.

So for this one, I picked 3 of the mid tone shades in this palette and each of them can work well on it's own. Cobbler has more of a peach tone, Caramelized is a true gold/brown, and Peach Pit is a smokey purple.

I chose to use Caramelized for this look. I simply sweeped the color all across my lid bringing it just a tiny bit above the eyelid crease. Then I blended out the top edges with Peaches n' Cream with a fluffy brush. Also, don't forget about your lower lash lines as I find it really completes a look. So I lined about 2/3 of the way using the same shade, Caramelized.

Look #3- 5 Minutes

For this last one, I wanted to have a bit more fun. I would wear this for drinks with my friends or going to a party! One thing Asians don't do enough of is to put the darkest shades all over the lid. We try to follow the Western standard by putting the dark shade in our non-existent crease instead of working with the shape of our eyes. 

I find using a dark shade all over just the bottom of my eyelid space creates more depth and gives the illusion of bigger, rounder eyes! And of course I wanted to have a smokey peach transition since we are using the Sweet Peach palette!

For this look, I first patted Talk Derby To Me all over my eyelid but making sure not to go above my eyelid crease. Then I took Candied Peach with a fluffy brush and sweeped it above my eyelid crease. Then I went back in with Talk Derby to Me and patted on the colors as well as blended out the top edge with the Candied Peach shade.

For such a strong upper lid look, don't neglect the lower lash line! I put Talk Derby to Me about 2/3 of the way in. Then I used Nectar on my inner corners to give that doll like look and brighten up the eyes! Once I opened up my eyes, the look didn't even seem that dark or heavy!

Hope this helped you get inspired with some realistic looks for Asian eyes! I can't wait to play with the palette more this year and do a green look, purple look, and a pink look! I''m definitely still learning how to correctly capture the color on photos, so if you have any tips, I'm all ears!

Also this palette will be my second Too Faced product that I will be using in my Pan that Palette challenge. If you are interested in joining along, we can keep each other motivated!

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