Sunday, January 22, 2017

Winter Makeup Look #1 - Dewy Skin and Red Lips

As part of my 2017 goals, I wanted to create more variety on my blog. One area I haven't really done in the past are Tutorials. I've always found that my face shape/eye shape doesn't work with tutorials I'm watching on Youtube so I never did them on my blog. But this year I hope to post some looks to inspire your makeup adventure, and first off is a fresh look for the winter time!

During the winter time, my skin gets so flaky and dry. So the #1 thing I try to do in my routine is to moisturize and to fake a glow. Dewy skin will be the focus of this look paired with a juicy red lip

1. Start off your look with your favorite foundation, try to pick one that has more of a dewy finish and is more moisturizing. Leave out the bronzer/blush as we want to have as little powder on the skin as possible.

2. Do you brows how you like. Use a simple mid toned brown eyeshadow shade all over the lid and smudge on lower lash line. Finish with a small flicked eyeliner.

Dewy Skin
For the glow and the dewiness on the cheeks, I'm using the Teeez Cosmetics Style Addict Highlighter in Get Nude. The product is in a cream format so it helps to make you look lit from within. I didn't want to go for the blinding highlight look but more of a natural moisturized glow. I also like this product because it gives more color than a normal highlighter and doubles as a bronzer/blush.

I just take a little bit on my finger tips and lightly pat this on the apples of my cheeks and on the cheekbones. This is why I skipped over blush and bronzer as creams and powders creates problems when you are blending. Also be careful not to rub too hard as it might ruin the foundation underneath.

Just make sure the product is a cream/liquid and not too shimmery as you are putting it on a much larger surface than a traditional highlight.

Juicy Red Lips

Since the rest of the face is so neutral, I'm adding in a pop of color on the lips! Normally people prefer matte formulas when it's bold but I don't want to accent my dry lips! The star of the show is the  Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Cherry paired with Annabelle Big Show Lip Liner in Red is Love. 

I love that this the fresh lip product is so pigmented but is still hydrating and glossy! However, since it's so pigmented and soft, using a pencil liner to outline will help create a much more precise look! I usually just line exactly on my lip lines, and then lightly color in my lips with the pencil. Then when I'm applying the lip balm, I will not go as close to the edges of my lips and reducing the chances of a smudgey application.

Lined around my lips and lightly filled in.

Final look after adding in Fresh lip balm in Cherry

I feel like this look is super fresh and wearable! It's also easy to do and the bold lip will make you look polished in an instant!

Hope you guys enjoyed this and I already have ideas for another winter makeup look!
What's your current winter makeup routine? 

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