Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mary Kay Glossy Lip Oil- NEW Spring 2017 Collection

I am so glad to start reviewing spring makeup releases as this Vancouver winter has been dreadful! Lip products are my favorites so I'm starting off spring 2017 makeup reviews with these new Mary Kay Glossy Lip Oils!

The name of the collection is Light, Reinvented and is meant for you to transform your look for spring with bright and vivid colors. I am so ready for some pastels and light hues, and also some sunshine!

Packaging: First off, I was so excited when I saw the outer packaging. I thought the color scheme of the boxes is so eye catching and appropriate for spring. I love the kaleidoscope of light pastel colors!

For the product itself, it comes in a squeezy tube with a cushion applicator. The product squeezes out from holes in the applicator but it does get messy pretty fast! The cushion applicator is not very precise but as the colors are quite light in pigmentation, it's not a big deal. I like that the tubes are transparent so you can easily identify the color and see how much you've used up!

Formula: When I tried this for the first time, it was not what I expected out of an "Lip Oil". I've tried several other lip oils before and usually they are a very light, runny consistency which is what I was expecting. However, I would say this is closer to a lip gloss than a lip oil.

Classification aside, I found the formula of these really nice! The formula is quite thick but not sticky and it actually feels very moisturizing. There's a hint of fruity oil but is only slightly noticeable. The formula contains grape seed, avocado and jojoba oils. What I really like is how shiny these are. The color and shine work well together to pump up the lips and I quite like the finished look!

The three colors available are Brilliant Violet, Magenta Ray, and Sheer Pink. The colors look intense in the tube bud I'd say these are pretty light pigmetnation on my lips.

Brilliant Violet- Lavender pink but shows up more of a light pink on my lips
Magenta Ray- A rosy berry shade that shows up like a pink MLBB
Sheer Pink- Baby pink with purple base, unforunately this color washes me out when worn.

The three shades swatch pretty different but on the lips give a similar effect. My favorite would be Magenta Ray as these are lighter pigmentation and this shades add the most life into my look

Overall, I've been wearing these a lot and the texture is super comfortable and moisturizing! I like that it brightens up my face and makes my lips look fuller.

What are you most excited about spring makeup?

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